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Registrars Report Carol I. Turner The USA Section continues to be successful with our Applied Strategic Planning ASP. Although we had a five-year plan through 2017 we are close to completing many of our goals. Dr. Robert Frazer our ASP Facilitator will be leading us through our review session this January 2016. The team is really looking forward to the renewal process. Our Board of Regents Spring Meeting was held in sunny San Diego California at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa on Mission Beach. After the exceptionally long and cold winter we had here in Gaithersburg Maryland the California meeting was a delightful venue. The Board is really adapting well to the transition to electronic initiatives in communication. They are all now looking at the way we have done projects and business in the past and rethinking all of our approaches. The new website and electronic Candidate Information Forms are a real plus they gives us the opportunity to collect or provide current information and events as we continue to grow. Our Humanitarian Liaison Committee is a real success story. We have sponsored Volunteer Symposiums in five 2015 locations in conjunction with major dental meetings in Denver Colorado Phoenix Arizona Minneapolis Minnesota Seattle Washington and New York City. The results and reception to the presentations have been exceptional. One of our presenters Dr. Francis Serio was honored with the 2015 American Dental Associations Humanitarian Award. Our USA Section Foundation was standing by to present a check for his work with his very worthwhile Dominican Dental Mission Project. The annual session took place in our nations capital Washington D.C. from November 3-6 2015. What an exciting venue. Our capital city is a wealth of history with some beautiful and moving monuments. We welcomed 305 new USA Section Fellows and one Fellow from Section XX. We honored three additional Honorary Fellows two well deserving Master Fellows and presented a Presidential Citation. I have read the Candidate Information Packets on all these folks and found that there is an incredible amount of talent joining our ranks. These are exciting times for the Section as we refocus and realign to provide the best value for the membership of our Fellows. and an expert on ASP and practice management. His presentation was very well received by the new Fellows and their families. The Student Humanitarian Leadership Award was developed by the Foundation and introduced this year as a new Section Award. It will be given annually to a senior dental student at each US dental school that exemplifies altruistic leadership in promoting and participating in humanitarian activities and projects. Forty-one out of 61 US dental schools participated. We extend our deep appreciation to Dr. Bill Hunter for his donation of 28000 to fund this program over 10 years. Foundation Presidential Awards were given to Dr. Jack Gobetti and to Dr. and Mrs. Charles Simons. Dr. Gobetti is an oral pathologist and a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan Dental School. He donated 35000 slides to the UMI that will be digitalized and available to the profession. Dr. and Mrs. Simons were recognized for their leadership and philanthropy. They will gift 10000 per year for 10 years to the US Foundation 8000 will support the Fellowship Orientation Program of the Section and 2000 will be given to the ICD Global Visionary Fund. Dr. Frank Serio received the ADA Humanitarian of the Year Award at the Opening Session of the ADA. We are very proud of Dr. Serio and the Foundation contributed 5000 toward this award. The Key Room has an excellent selection of ICD clothing and apparel. A catalogue is now available. Merchandise can be viewed and orders can be placed online at our Foundation website at ICD USA Foundation... Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 32 Section Reports USA