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ICD USA Foundation W. Michael Kenney Past President The USA Section Foundation has had a very productive year and I extend a most sincere thanks to our Board of Trustees and our US Fellows for their continued dedication and generous support. This has been a time of continuous introspection and growth as we strive to make the Foundation the best it can Washington D.C. in November I want to thank the Regents Vice Regents Officers and our great staff for all of their support and hard work that made 2015 such a wonderful year. The USA Section is energized and active and Im excited to see where we go this year. We will be reviewing and updating our Applied Strategic Plan ASP in January. Much of what has been accomplished in the past three years is a direct result of this plan and Im looking forward to the outcome of the review. Registrar Carol Turner has announced her intention of retiring at the end of 2016 and finding her replacement will be a critical part of this years agenda. Dr. Turner is a strong and talented Executive Director and finding the right person to take her place will not be easy. The USA Section has benefited greatly from her leadership especially with all of the changes resulting from the ASP. Dr. Richard Galeone our Editor has also informed us of his intention to resign at the end of 2016. He is also someone who will be greatly missed and difficult to replace. Richard has done a fabulous job of putting together and publishing our annual KEY and our frequent KEYNOTES as well as chairing our Communications Committee. Being an editor is often an under appreciated position and we owe a huge THANK YOU to Richard for his devoted efforts to always publish the very best every time. As my long time mentor and friend the late Dr. Donald Compaan Past President of the USA Section always told me The ICD is the very best of the best the Crme de la Crme and I echo that statement. It is a joy and honor to be a part of this great organization. be. Major Bylaw changes were passed at our annual meeting to make the Board more efficient and flexible. We began to develop an Applied Strategic Plan ASP in January with a compelling vision mission goals and objectives. A comprehensive draft was presented and will be finalized at our spring meeting in 2016. Our Century Club was introduced in late 2014 to the USA Section and Foundation leadership. Membership requires a donation of 100 per month or 1200 per year for five years. I am proud that 100 of our Board of Regents and Board of Trustees are participating and we have 46 Charter Fellows. The program is now being introduced to all of our US Fellows. The USA Foundation awarded 91842 in grants 68000 was used to support the educational and humanitarian programs of the USA Section. We are proud of our Fellows and request that everyone submit articles and pictures so that their humanitarian stories can be shared. Grant applications are available on our Foundation website at The Foundation will sponsor a motivational speaker prior to the Fellowship Orientation Program. In its inaugural year Dr. Robert Frazer spoke on Life Leadership and Legacy. Dr. Frazer is an ICD Fellow Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 1 Section Reports USA