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IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 uring Austrian Fellow Hani Farrs visits to Gawad Kalinga GK Hope Village on Negros Island Philippines the dental clinic project that has been able to count on the generous support of ICD Europe since its founding in 2012 took another important step towards a sustainable and promising future. In a meeting with the local authorities GK and the mayor of Talisay Dr. Eric M. Saratan signed an agreement that obliges both parties to mutual cooperation. The authorities will send voluntary dentists to work at the dental clinic and the ICD guarantees the cost-free supply of all necessary dental equipment and materials. On that occasion the introduction of GKs educational dental hygiene program at other schools in the area was discussed to be implemented in the future the same as in GK Hope Village. The recent cooperation with the Philippine Dental Association which contributed greatly to the success of the events to mark the annual dental health day represents another possibility to involve motivated external dentists in the project. Prophylaxis and oral hygiene are central elements of the GK Hope Village Dental Clinic Project. Therefore it is not enough to provide free dental services to the inhabitants of GK Hope Village but there has to be continuous training of the local teachers as their knowledge and commitment is essential in order to change the students perspectives on personal oral and dental hygiene as well as on dental visits. The children at GK learn about these issues in the most playful manner through role-play at the dental clinic they can take on the role of the dentist the patient or the assistant. Furthermore the children receive a range of hygiene products and practice brushing their teeth with their teachers. The message is not only preventive but designed to alleviate the childrens unfounded fear of dental treatment and to make dental care as well as regular visits to a dentist an integral part of their daily life. The hygiene corner helps the children put their newly- acquired knowledge into practice more easily. Thereby the educational effect and in turn the intended change in thinking are supported. The newly dedicated hygiene corner makes a tremendous contribution to the general dental and oral health care of the children living in GK Hope Village. This is because the opportunities for dental hygiene at home are very limited as they are missing the most necessary hygienic articles and appropriate sanitary equipment. The necessary facilities and oral care products can now be found in the newly-built hygiene corner which includes four washbowls is directly connected to the dental clinic and is accessible for everybody 247. able to count on the generous support of ICD Europe D AGE OF HOPE AND SUCCESS IN GK HYGIENE CORNER Fellow Hani Farr cuts the ribbon to the newly-built hygiene corner of GK Hope Village. Left Children practice brushing their teeth in the hygiene corner. TE ACH I N G OR A L HE A LT H I N T H E VI L L AG E O F HO P E 1 7Journal of the International College of Dentists