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I N T E R NAT I O NALT H E G LO B E 201 6 PRESIDENTS INTERVIEW Tell us about your journey in dentistry I come from a town in South Wales UK and my family was very supportive of our education and wanted all the children to get a good university degree. My oldest cousin had gone to dental school a few years before me because his father was a dental technician and had encouraged him to become a dentist. When it came to my turn my parents said I should try to emulate my intelligent cousin and at the tender age of 17 that is what I did After qualification I worked in the dental school doing jobs in various hospital departments and initially wanted to be a prosthodontist. However later on I saw the light and became a periodontist. InitiallyIworkedingeneralpracticeandafterafewyearswent to live and work in Trinidad in the West Indies. Before I left my sunshine life in the Caribbean I applied to study at the Eastman Dental Center University of Rochester USA. I was lucky enough to get an International Fellowship there and enjoyed my time in Rochester enormously. I went on to study at the University of Wales Cardiff in the department of Periodontology and later joined the staff. In Cardiff I supervised a number of masters and Ph.D. students and went on to supervise a doctoral postgraduate at the University of Surrey. How does it feel to become College President Its obviously a great honor to become International President and one that I never thought I would achieve. I think the important issue here is the commitment you have for the College. Ever since I was inducted as a Fellow in 1995 I have felt very close to the core values that we aspire to and the great warmth and collegiality that the College engenders. I now feel that I have friends all over the world friends with different languages and from different cultures but still united by our profession. It is truly impressive to see firsthand the warmth and commitment that the executive of the College demonstrates not to mention the amount of time that it gives to College matters. What challenges is the College facing Where to start The first issue is College governance. ICD governance was first established some 90 years ago the travel distance and means of communication influenced the present ICD governance design. It is understandable that existing administrative entities were adopted. Today in keeping with the times and electronic methods of communication and to ensure a better future it is reasonable that the College reviews its global structure and operations. The governance of the ICD should reflect the responsibility and character of a 21st century worldwide organization. The College executive and ultimately the International Council is in the process of making changes to governance structures which we look forward to sharing with you. A perennial problem is the question of growth. When I was at the USA Section Board of Regents meeting in Washington D.C. I learned they have a district structure where there is a Regent and Vice Regent supported by a number of Deputy Regents distributed geographically who help to drive the membership numbers. I think this is an excellent way of increasing the number of new inductees. I have also introduced the Fellow Gets Fellow FGF idea that comes from marketing strategies and I challenge all Fellows to recognize and nominate people like themselves who they feel are deserving of the honor of fellowship. We need to increase our numbers but without dropping our high standards. There is a very active membership committee which I am confident will be successful in not only breaking down the barriers to fellowship but also driving up membership numbers this year. Sponsorship is another issue. I have appointed a task force this year to look at our Diamond Sponsor program in terms of finding new sponsors and new categories of sponsorship. There NTERNATIONALLY UNITED AND GROWING Phillip Dowell 2016 International PresidentI 1 4 Journal of the International College of Dentists