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I N T E R NAT I O NALT H E G LO B E 201 6 FUNDING PROGRAMS TWO VITAL AND UNIQUE PROGRAMS Phillip Dowell International President and Funding Programs Chair Diamond Sponsor Program The International College of Dentists seeks sponsorship for the Diamond Sponsor DS program and the Global Visionary Fund GVF. It is important to distinguish between the two funds. Program Update Essentially the Diamond Sponsors program exists in order to fund a variety of College activities including the cost of production and distribution of our hallmark publication The Globe. In addition the College needs to be funded for many more activities than it is currently able to carry out. Unfortunately the revenue from new inductees and annual dues paid by Fellows does not match up to our requirements. With the sheer number of issues confronting the College today there is a need to have additional College Office staff to help with our communications and a need to fund the ICD at major international meetings. The list goes on and on and that is why we have created a task force this year with the specific remit to explore ways of achieving non-dues revenue in a sustainable manner. The College Office is working at full speed and that is why we desperately need more revenue to alleviate the situation This year I am delighted to tell you that Henry Schein Inc. and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI have agreed to renew their three-year rolling sponsorships and we thank them profusely for their kindness. In addition we are very gratified that the Morita and MegaGen companies have graciously extended their participation as Diamond Sponsors at least through 2016. The bottom line here is that a modern progressive organization such as ours needs sufficient funds in a period of growth and high activity and this comes under the purview of the Diamond Sponsor banner. Global Visionary Fund In contrast to the Diamond Sponsor program the Global Visionary Fund GVF is a philanthropic arm of the College founded by the International Council to ensure that it accomplishes its mission with regard to educational and humanitarian care programs. Ownership is shared by all of us in every Section of the College and it looks to fund projects in low and middle income countries that are underserved in terms of oral health care. The GVF is managed by its officers and board of directors and seeks sponsorship in order to fund its charitable activities. The GVF received a grant of US 100000 from the Henry Schein Cares foundation over three years for materials and equipment for which we are extremely grateful. The Grant Process Once a grant request is received it is sent to the GVF Managing Committee who can then send it on if necessary to a number In contrast to the Diamond Sponsor program the Global Visionary Fund GVF is a philanthropic arm of the College founded by the International Council to ensure that it accomplishes SPECIAL RECOGNITION was given in Dublin to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the College funding programs. Dr. Ken Judy left was awarded Master Fellow of the College and Simon Gambold rightVice President of Henry Schein Europe was awarded Honorary membership of Section V. SPECIAL RECOGNITION was given in Dublin toSPECIAL RECOGNITION 1 0 Journal of the International College of Dentists