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Thinking ahead. Focused on life. Brilliant images for perfect results The innovative X-ray system Veraviewepocs 3D F40 high resolution images with lower effective dose Achieving a successful result calls for an exact plan. And in endodontics above all the recognition of anatomic details is decisive for choosing the right therapy. Undoubtedly the most important instrument for this is cone beam CT CBCT this enables exact depiction of specic anatomical conditions such as slanting horizontal fractures bony lesions and their expansion as well as relationship to neighbouring structures. In order to keep radiation levels as low as possible for your patients Veraviewepocs 3D F40 offers you not only brilliant image quality but also an effective dose reduction program. The sound basis for perfect results. Find out more about Veraviewepocs 3D F40 at www.morita.comeurope THE GLOBE 2016 ISSN 2226-163X VOLUME 76 THE GLOBE is published annually by the International College of Dentists Inc. for members only. Originally began publishing in 1959 under the title ICD Newsletter changed to THE GLOBE in 1984. Correspondence relating to THE GLOBE should be addressed to The Editor at the College Office See masthead. POSTMASTER AND MEMBERS SEND ALL ADDRESS CHANGES to Chelsea White Council Office Manager at the College Office or via e-mail to chelseawhite EDITOR-IN-CHIEF S. Dov Sydney College Office Flint Michigan USA ASSOCIATE EDITORS Richard Galeone Lansdale Pennsylvania USA J. Brian Clark Tillsonburg Ontario Canada Federico Perez-Diez Guanajuato Mexico Danilo Ocaranza Santiago Chile Walter van Driel Vorrshoten Netherlands Mahesh Verma New Delhi India Setsuya Suzuki Tokyo Japan Petrina Bowden Windsor Australia Elizabeth Carrasco Pasig City Philippines Cedric Haddad Beirut Lebanon Min Jeong Lee Seoul South Korea Hsin-Cheng Liu Taipei City Taiwan Hu Tao Chengdu China Kyaw Sein Yangon Myanmar John V. Hinterman Flint Michigan USA EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Chelsea White ART DIRECTOR Esther Kreisman PAST EDITORS OF THE GLOBE 1959 1976 Harold S. Eberhardt 1977 2002 William E. Hawkins 2003 2005 Richard A. Smith 2006 2011 John V. Hinterman JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS College Office and World Headquarters G3535 Beecher Rd. Suite G Flint Michigan 48532 USA Phone 810-820-3087 Fax 810-265-7047 Email Website OFFICERS Phillip Dowell President Rajesh Chandna President Elect Clive B. Ross Vice President Richard M. Smith Treasurer S. Dov Sydney Editor Joseph R. Kenneally Immediate Past President John V. Hinterman Secretary General MOTTO Recognizing Service and the Opportunity to Serve MISSION STATEMENT The International College of Dentists is the worlds oldest and largest honor society for dentists dedicated to the recognition of outstanding professional achievement meritorious service and the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of all humankind. CORE VALUES Leadership Uphold the highest standard of professional competence and personal ethics. Recognition Recognize distinguished service to the profession and the public worldwide. Humanitarianism Foster measures for the prevention and treatment of oral disease by encouraging and supporting humanitarian projects. Education Contribute to the advancement of the profession of dentistry by fostering the growth and diffusion of dental knowledge worldwide. Professional Relations Provide a universal forum for the cultivation of cordial relations within the profession and to assist in preserving the highest perception of the profession. 2016 International Officers and Councilors ___________________________4 The Editors Pen ________________________________________________6 Leadership Agenda ______________________________________________7 College Funding Programs________________________________________8 Secretary Generals Review_______________________________________10 Interview with the 2016 International President ______________________12 International Council Meeting in Dublin Ireland_____________________14 An Album of ICD Worldwide Projects _____________________________16 The Sections of the International College of Dentists___________________29 Section I USA _____________________________________________30 Section II Canada ___________________________________________33 Section III Mexico ___________________________________________35 Section IV South America _____________________________________38 Section V Europe ___________________________________________40 Section VI India Sri Lanka Nepal ______________________________42 Section VII Japan ____________________________________________45 Section VIII Australasia ________________________________________47 Section IX Philippines ________________________________________51 Section X Middle East________________________________________54 Section XI Korea ____________________________________________56 Section XII Chinese Taipei _____________________________________58 Section XIII China ____________________________________________60 Section XIV Myanmar _________________________________________62 Section XX Regions _________________________________________ 64 All statements of opinion and supposed facts are published with the authority of the writer under whose name they appear and are not necessarily to be regarded as the views of the International College of Dentists. Therefore the College its officers employees and editors accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the conse- quences of any inaccurate or misleading statements made by the contributors to the publication. All rights are reserved. No part of THE GLOBE may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying or any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission from the publisher. Display advertising rates are available online at or from the College Office. The International College of Dentists reserves the right to reject any advertising which does not conform with the official ICD Advertising Standards which are available upon request. INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS are available at and referred to as the Submission Guidelines under the section entitled Publications. INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL Prophylaxis and oral hygiene are central elements of the GK Hope Village Dental Clinic Project. Therefore it is not enough to provide free dental services to the inhabitants but there has to be continuous training of the local teachers as their knowledge and commitment is essential in order to change the students perspectives on personal oral and dental hygiene. CONTENTS COVER I M PA C T Section Reports I N T E R NAT I O NALT H E G LO B E 201 6 President Phillip Dowell Vice President Clive Ross President Elect Rajesh Chandna Treasurer Richard M. Smith INTERNATIONAL OFFICERS INTERNATIONAL COUNCILORS Keith W. Suchy Carol I. Turner Richard M. SmithHenry L. Diversi Jr. Paul E. Stubbs M. Christine Benoit James J. Conrardy Curtis R. Johnson Bettie R. McKaig Section I USA Section V European Argirios Pissiotis Frans H. M. Kroon Phillip Dowell Section VI India Anil Kohli D.N. Kapoor Section VII Japan Koji Hashimoto Akira Senda Alvaro Gadola Bergara Section IV South America Section II Canada Donna M. Brode Jack McLister A. Stuart Loos Jose Antonio Bello Roch Section III Mexico 6 THE 2016 INTERNA Journal of the International College of Dentists CO U N CI L T H E G LO B E 201 6 Editor S. Dov Sydney Immediate Past President Joseph Kenneally Secretary General John V. Hinterman Standing Committees Awards Rajesh Chandna Constitution and Bylaws Frans Kroon Jack McLister Executive Phillip Dowell Finance Richard Smith History Koji Hashimoto Akira Senda Membership Christine Benoit Nominations Joseph Kenneally Projects Donna Brode Ad Hoc Committees Strategic Planning Joseph Kenneally Bettie McKaig Task Forces Editors Dov Sydney Non-dues Revenue Argirios Pissiotis Russia Initiative Ljubo Marion John Hinterman COMMITTEE CHAIRS EMERITUS OFFICERS Secretary General Emeritus Robert E. Brady Editor Emeritus William E. Hawkins Councilor at Large Christopher Ogunsalu Africa Sector Pankaj Patel Section XX Regions Kim Chuan How Asia Sector Cedric P. Haddad Jr. Section VIII Australasian Clive B. Ross Jackie Robinson Section X Middle East Hermogenes P. Villareal Section IX The Philippines Ho Youl Chang Section XI Korea Section XIII China Xuedong Zhou Section XIV Myanmar Cho Sitt Section XII Chinese Taipei Yuh-Yuan Shiau 7 TIONAL COUNCIL Journal of the International College of Dentists T H E G LO B E 201 6 I N T E R NAT I O NAL THE EDITORS PEN Its not unusual to observe an inquirers confused expression when listening to the description of the ICD. Usually the conversation will focus on the justifiable pride in our admirable humanitarian work educational programs and demonstrated leadership throughout the world. These qualities are fundamental to describing what the College does however they do not focus on the most admirable distinction of membership in the College. The reference shared in both the ICD motto recognize service and the opportunity to serve and in the mission statement recognition of outstanding professional achievement and meritorious service is recognition. From early on this was clearly the Colleges raison dtre. While humility is admirable and a familiar trait shared among Fellows the founding fathers understood that publicly recognizing dentists who have made major contributions to the enhancement of oral health and the profession creates shining role models for colleagues to emulate. And to those outside the profession ICDs preeminent international recognition illuminates the less publicly heralded values of dentists namely altruism humanitarianism leadership and education. The impeccable credentials of ICD Fellows are readily acknowledged and enshrined in the collective understanding that every new inductee has successfully passed through rigorous selection procedures including a scrutinized peer- review nomination process. In fact it is the most stringent of any honor society for dentists in the world. Only then can a dentist be admitted to the College and share the enviable bond of humanitarianismcollegialityandmutualrespectthattranscends all manner of national borders religions race cultural heritage and ideology in over 100 countries. No wonder the ICD has earned and robustly retains the venerated position of being the oldest and largest honor society for dentists in the world. We cannot overlook however that this singular position of the ICD also bears responsibility to recognize all who are deserving of the honor. The College leadership has put into action concrete strategy to identify and recognize deserving dentists throughout the world. Part of that strategy requires that we do a better job explaining the College to the public and potential Fellows. And for that we have to be unhesitant about heralding the unparalleled unforgiving prerequisites of character and accomplishments required for a College invitation. These qualities along with the pristine global esteem reflected on those who have earned the FICD title demonstrate what is truly unique about the College and unequivocally distinguish its members. Every College inductee has successfully passed through rigorous selection procedures including a multi-layered carefully scrutinized peer review nomination process. In fact it is the most stringent of any honor society for dentists in the world. THE EDITORS PEN WHAT IS TRULY UNIQUE ABOUT THE COLLEGE S. Dov Sydney Editor-in-Chief I N T E R NAT I O NAL Every College inductee has THE EDITORS PENTHE EDITORS PENTHE EDITORS PEN Every College inductee has HAT IS TRULY UNIQUE ABOUT THE COLLEGE 8 Journal of the International College of Dentists T H E G LO B E 201 6CO U N CI L LEADERSHIP AGENDA The new governance plan was adopted by the Executive Committee EC and put into effect following President Phillip Dowells presentation and discussions during the International Council meeting in Dublin last fall. The following is a summary of the main areas of responsibility. International Council Responsibilities The International Council will meet annually to set policy directives and approve where required actions taken on its behalf as well as direct the global College towards increasing growthandspreadingICDinfluencebyadheringtothefollowing Adopt an efficient and proactive approach to ICD Governance Review ICD Bylaws and make revisions where indicated Adopt performance standards for Sections and Councilors Ensure a symbiotic Council - Section relationship Section Responsibilities The chief responsibility of the Section is to effectively administer a country or group of countries within the ICD through the leadership of its officers and board of regents supported by the International Council and EC. In addition to Identify and nominate all deservingqualified candidates Conduct at least one induction ceremony per annum Organize regular ICD humanitarian educational activities Elect Councilors fully committed to Council activities Designate a Section Communication Officer Sponsor events that encourage collegiality and provide value Elect officers and Councilors with prescribed terms of office Maintain size commensurate with areas dentist population Executive Committee Responsibilities The Executive Committee EC is responsible to engage Section leadership and ensure their responsibilities are being fulfilled while providing oversight and accountability for compliance and remedies as needed in the application of the principals of ICD governance. In order for the EC to effectively meet its responsibilities the Secretary General SG will provide the EC with regular updates on Section activities elaborating on any areas of concern and provide suggested remedies. The EC may authorize recommendations initiatives and any emergent requests of the SG. ICD Sponsoring and Fundraising Sponsorship from international corporations and organizations has increased as ICD becomes more involved in global educational and humanitarian projects. In order to avoid the confusion from having our supporters receive multiple requests the College Office will coordinate information and contacts with sponsors and donors keeping all parties informed of activities regarding current and potential supporters throughout the world. To assist the College to more efficiently manage these global initiatives ICD Sections Regions or Fellows seeking funds from or to establish a relationship with international entities will need to coordinate their plans with the College Office. N EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IN SESSION In January the international ofcers of the ICD met in London for two days and discussed the full range of College issues and initiatives. EW ICD GOVERNANCE PLAN Major changes will impact every Section and Fellow 9Journal of the International College of Dentists I N T E R NAT I O NALT H E G LO B E 201 6 FUNDING PROGRAMS TWO VITAL AND UNIQUE PROGRAMS Phillip Dowell International President and Funding Programs Chair Diamond Sponsor Program The International College of Dentists seeks sponsorship for the Diamond Sponsor DS program and the Global Visionary Fund GVF. It is important to distinguish between the two funds. Program Update Essentially the Diamond Sponsors program exists in order to fund a variety of College activities including the cost of production and distribution of our hallmark publication The Globe. In addition the College needs to be funded for many more activities than it is currently able to carry out. Unfortunately the revenue from new inductees and annual dues paid by Fellows does not match up to our requirements. With the sheer number of issues confronting the College today there is a need to have additional College Office staff to help with our communications and a need to fund the ICD at major international meetings. The list goes on and on and that is why we have created a task force this year with the specific remit to explore ways of achieving non-dues revenue in a sustainable manner. The College Office is working at full speed and that is why we desperately need more revenue to alleviate the situation This year I am delighted to tell you that Henry Schein Inc. and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI have agreed to renew their three-year rolling sponsorships and we thank them profusely for their kindness. In addition we are very gratified that the Morita and MegaGen companies have graciously extended their participation as Diamond Sponsors at least through 2016. The bottom line here is that a modern progressive organization such as ours needs sufficient funds in a period of growth and high activity and this comes under the purview of the Diamond Sponsor banner. Global Visionary Fund In contrast to the Diamond Sponsor program the Global Visionary Fund GVF is a philanthropic arm of the College founded by the International Council to ensure that it accomplishes its mission with regard to educational and humanitarian care programs. Ownership is shared by all of us in every Section of the College and it looks to fund projects in low and middle income countries that are underserved in terms of oral health care. The GVF is managed by its officers and board of directors and seeks sponsorship in order to fund its charitable activities. The GVF received a grant of US 100000 from the Henry Schein Cares foundation over three years for materials and equipment for which we are extremely grateful. The Grant Process Once a grant request is received it is sent to the GVF Managing Committee who can then send it on if necessary to a number In contrast to the Diamond Sponsor program the Global Visionary Fund GVF is a philanthropic arm of the College founded by the International Council to ensure that it accomplishes SPECIAL RECOGNITION was given in Dublin to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the College funding programs. Dr. Ken Judy left was awarded Master Fellow of the College and Simon Gambold rightVice President of Henry Schein Europe was awarded Honorary membership of Section V. SPECIAL RECOGNITION was given in Dublin toSPECIAL RECOGNITION 1 0 Journal of the International College of Dentists CO U N CI L T H E G LO B E 201 6 FUNDING PROGRAMS of Fellows with expertise in the dental public health area. When it has been approved and this takes into account the cost health benefits and other issues Henry Schein organizes delivery of the equipment or supplies through its extensive worldwide network. The GVF management has taken the view that it is better and more appropriate to award grants up to a maximum of US 5000-6000 so that the aid reaches more projects and possibly more underserved communities. Additionally the more grants we award the more stories we have to tell which is good for us and good for the people who receive them. To date we have arranged equipment and supplies to go to the Chogoria and Kikuyu medical camps in Kenya to Mundo O Sorrir Smiling World in Portugal and to the Honduras mission trip to a childrens orphanage. Notwithstanding this some of the GVF funds have been used for developing and distributing a digital GVF brochure for informational and advertising purposes. Monetary funds have also been used to foster the Dental Safety Program DSP entailing payment towards the implementation of this signature project by sending experts in safety asepsis and prevention to countries that have a need for these programs. The DSP was first given by Dr. Rhagu Puttaiah in Chengdu China last year and again with a train the trainer element in India in Feb. 2016. Misch Legacy Endowment The big news so far this year is that we have received US 200000 from ICOI to kick off a new endowment fund named after one of the founders of the ICOI Dr. Carl Misch called the Misch Legacy Endowment MLE. The goal of the current campaign is to reach one million dollars with further donations from graduates of the Misch Institute members of the ICOI ICD and others in dentistry as well as commercial entities. It is a major aspiration to achieve this goal which could help the GVF to grow and become sustainable in the long term. First FIF Challenge Atlantic Crossing On a smaller scale the Fellow Inspires Fellow FIF program has been introduced. I am pleased to announce that my sea crossing of the Atlantic Ocean has received over US 7000 to date in sponsorship for the GVF. Any Fellow can emulate this with their own particular challenge whether it be climbing a mountain swimming a sea or running a marathon. There are thousands of challenges that we could set ourselves depending on our interests and proclivities. With the support of our friends and colleagues we can attain significantly more funds for the GVF. Your challenge is waiting and your College is willing to support you. In conclusion it is important that we continue to strive for our funding so that the College itself can grow and mature into a state that is fit for a 21st century organization. It is up to you to help of the founders of the ICOI Dr. Carl Misch called the Misch Legacy Endowment MLE. The goal of the current campaign is to reach one million dollars with further donations from graduates of the Misch Institute members of the ICOI ICD and others ATLANTIC CROSSING President Dowell aboard the Eupraxia 2nd from left with his crew just as he completed the 3-week journey crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in the name of the ICD. The logo with the sail boat was designed by the College Ofce exclusively for the Atlantic Crossing. Dr. Carl Misch ICD Fellow and ICOI Co-Chairman. THE GVF BROCHURE Designed by the College Ofce the six-page full color publication can be found on the College website viewed on any e-platform as well as downloaded and printed. THE GVF BROCHURE Designed by the College Ofce the six-page full color publication can beDesigned by the College Ofce the six-page full color publication can be 1 1Journal of the International College of Dentists I N T E R NAT I O NALT H E G LO B E 201 6 SECRETARY GENERALS REVIEW The International College of Dentists will be 100 years old in the year 2020. To reach this milestone it has been necessary to be flexible and to keep up with changes that occur in the world. The past year has been a period of significant change. Sharing the Knowledge Support for dental education was one of the reasons ICD was proposed in 1920. Over the years dental education has become the work of dental schools larger dental associations and the industry. However ICD still has a role in altruistic dental education. ICDs Global Visionary Fund GVF supports continuing dental education programs where a need exists by sponsoring speakers mostly in developing nations or wherever and whenever the topic needs attention. Recognizing Dentists Mobility A dentist who qualifies for Fellowship may now belong to any Section under certain provisions adopted by the International Council. It is realized the traditional pathways to fellowship do not always meet the circumstances of some dentists. Examples would be dentists who are immigrants or those who are invited to fellowship by ICD Fellows they meet during international travel. Also dentists may be overlooked for fellowship for non-dental reasons such as tensions between nations and political or religious affiliations. To Grow or Not To Grow Bigger is not always better but growing the ICD will be necessary for a healthy future. An increase in numbers is required to achieve financial security while keeping international dues at moderate levels. Also ICD needs a larger presence in the world for increased influence and impact on issues we believe in. While some Fellows prefer the exclusivity that comes with a smaller membership most believe ICD should be inclusive to all who qualify. The International Council has set a goal of increasing the number of Active Fellows by 20 percent. International Affiliations The College continues to extend its influence in the world through collaboration and programing with related international organizations. Dr. Dov Sydney recently represented ICD during talks with FDI World Dental Federation in Geneva regarding future joint initiatives. In 2016 ICD will officially participate in A SCIENTIFIC MEETING with ICD and HoChiMinh Odonto-Stomatological Association was held in Vietnam.The ICD Global Visionary Fund sponsored two Fellows as speakers Leung Wai Keung and ICD Councilor for Asia KC How left. COLLABORATING WITH FDI Dr. Dov Sydney left College Editor and Delegate to the FDI recently met with FDI Executive Director Enzo Bondioni during talks with the World Dental Federation in Geneva regarding future joint initiatives. EEPING UP WITH THE TIMES John V. Hinterman Secretary General COLLABORATING WITH FDI K 1 2 Journal of the International College of Dentists CO U N CI L T H E G LO B E 201 6 SECRETARY GENERALS REVIEW world in their level of compliance to requests from the College Office for information or participation in initiatives. This business structure was necessary when ICD was created nearly 100 years ago due to distance and communication limitations. In recent years however ICD has been slow to modernize and reluctant to reorganize. During the past year the College Office staff evaluated the systems used to manage the ICD. We made sure the best technology is being used. College Office operating systems were divided into three categories Administrative Informational and External Support services. Several systems were either reorganized or replaced using newer technologies. Use of unreliable onsite hardware was discontinued. Historical office records are now kept in an online cloud-based storage. The unique structure of ICD contributes to its global success by demonstrating our commitment to international goodwill. The willingness of local volunteers to perform ICD management tasks is remarkable and is appreciated. However it is important for all ICD leaders to understand that ours is a business model that requires each of us to do our part very well in order for the College to succeed. the FDI Annual Congress in Poznan Poland. An ICD event is now being planned for ICD Fellows and invited guests. Extending the Reach To raise and distribute charitable funds is most often thought about strictly for the humanitarian results. However the ability to provide financial support for altruistic and educational purposes while establishing the College around the world adds an important dimension to our success. In this manner the ICD Global Visionary Fund which was created two years ago has already become an essential aspect of international ICD development. The world welcomes an organization like ICD if it acknowledges local needs and is willing and able to lend a hand. Managing the College It Gets Complicated From an organizational and administrative aspect the worldwide structure of the International College of Dentists is unique among international dental associations. The International Council gives wide latitude to each of the 14 Sections chartered by the Council around the world to manage their own affairs. This self-determination is ICDs most defining characteristic. The College Office in Michigan USA maintains management systems to coordinate the professional and business matters of the College worldwide and to implement the policies determined by the Council. Another equally complex responsibility of the College Office is the more direct management and guidance of an additional 20 Regions worldwide which represent Fellows of smaller nations. While the diversity of ICD Fellows globally is something we are very proud of the multiplicity of languages currencies and cultural practices present serious challenges for the College in maintaining good business practices and professional unity. Most Sections and Regions rely on volunteers to do the best they can with difficult tasks such as dues collection and updating membership information. Sections and Regions vary around the COLLEGE OFFICE STAFF meeting at the College Ofce in Flint Mich. USA. LR Secretary General Jack Hinterman Editor and Director of Communications Dov Sydney and Ofce Manager Chelsea White. Right ICD Facebook Administrator Garry Lunn manages the College Facebook page snapping photos every chance he gets. 1 3Journal of the International College of Dentists I N T E R NAT I O NALT H E G LO B E 201 6 PRESIDENTS INTERVIEW Tell us about your journey in dentistry I come from a town in South Wales UK and my family was very supportive of our education and wanted all the children to get a good university degree. My oldest cousin had gone to dental school a few years before me because his father was a dental technician and had encouraged him to become a dentist. When it came to my turn my parents said I should try to emulate my intelligent cousin and at the tender age of 17 that is what I did After qualification I worked in the dental school doing jobs in various hospital departments and initially wanted to be a prosthodontist. However later on I saw the light and became a periodontist. InitiallyIworkedingeneralpracticeandafterafewyearswent to live and work in Trinidad in the West Indies. Before I left my sunshine life in the Caribbean I applied to study at the Eastman Dental Center University of Rochester USA. I was lucky enough to get an International Fellowship there and enjoyed my time in Rochester enormously. I went on to study at the University of Wales Cardiff in the department of Periodontology and later joined the staff. In Cardiff I supervised a number of masters and Ph.D. students and went on to supervise a doctoral postgraduate at the University of Surrey. How does it feel to become College President Its obviously a great honor to become International President and one that I never thought I would achieve. I think the important issue here is the commitment you have for the College. Ever since I was inducted as a Fellow in 1995 I have felt very close to the core values that we aspire to and the great warmth and collegiality that the College engenders. I now feel that I have friends all over the world friends with different languages and from different cultures but still united by our profession. It is truly impressive to see firsthand the warmth and commitment that the executive of the College demonstrates not to mention the amount of time that it gives to College matters. What challenges is the College facing Where to start The first issue is College governance. ICD governance was first established some 90 years ago the travel distance and means of communication influenced the present ICD governance design. It is understandable that existing administrative entities were adopted. Today in keeping with the times and electronic methods of communication and to ensure a better future it is reasonable that the College reviews its global structure and operations. The governance of the ICD should reflect the responsibility and character of a 21st century worldwide organization. The College executive and ultimately the International Council is in the process of making changes to governance structures which we look forward to sharing with you. A perennial problem is the question of growth. When I was at the USA Section Board of Regents meeting in Washington D.C. I learned they have a district structure where there is a Regent and Vice Regent supported by a number of Deputy Regents distributed geographically who help to drive the membership numbers. I think this is an excellent way of increasing the number of new inductees. I have also introduced the Fellow Gets Fellow FGF idea that comes from marketing strategies and I challenge all Fellows to recognize and nominate people like themselves who they feel are deserving of the honor of fellowship. We need to increase our numbers but without dropping our high standards. There is a very active membership committee which I am confident will be successful in not only breaking down the barriers to fellowship but also driving up membership numbers this year. Sponsorship is another issue. I have appointed a task force this year to look at our Diamond Sponsor program in terms of finding new sponsors and new categories of sponsorship. There NTERNATIONALLY UNITED AND GROWING Phillip Dowell 2016 International PresidentI 1 4 Journal of the International College of Dentists CO U N CI L T H E G LO B E 201 6 PRESIDENTS INTERVIEW formation of new Regions within Section XX in Bangladesh and in Egypt. I enjoyed my time as Regent for England Scotland and Wales and was honored to be European President in 2007. Finally my Fellow Inspires Fellow FIF challenge to get sponsorship for the GVF was a first for the College and myself. Sailing the Atlantic Ocean for me was a real achievement and one that has earned more funds for the GVF. My hope is that other Fellows will plan their own challenges so that we can support them How do you deal with family committments Luckily I am now retired and have the time to spend on the College I am in awe of my predecessors who have continued to run their practices whilst being College President. My wife Sheila continues to work full time as a consultant physician in Occupational and Aviation medicine but will still accompany me on most of my visits. We still try to see as much of our friends and family as possible and maximize our time on the ski slopes and on our beloved yacht Amberjack. What is your vision for the ICD Jonathan Swift said Vision is the art of seeing the invisible but for me I see an organization that leads the world in educational and humanitarian aid a College that appeals to every dentist of substance and an ICD that has governance structures that are the envy of other international societies. I want every one of you to be a part of that dream as I wave the flag for the truly international virtues of our beloved College is a paucity of funds to literally run the College from its base in Michigan USA and we need to improve this situation in order to be able to carry out our need for increased staff and our College communications. Sponsorship of the Global Visionary Fund GVF has just been given a huge boost in the form of a grant from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI for US 200000 on behalf of one of its founders Dr. Carl Misch and is called the Misch Legacy Endowment MLE. This fund aims to achieve the sum of one million US dollars by further donations from graduates of the Misch Institute and members of the ICOI. Moreover I am pleased to say that the Henry Schein grant for materials and equipment is being used appropriately and continues to help people in low and middle-income countries. What are your best accomplishments in the ICD I was pleased to start the Diamond Sponsor program but now feel that it should be taken to a new level with different stages of sponsorship. I am also proud to be GVF Chair and I believe it will be extremely important for the future of the College as we strive to be known as the Go To people for educational and humanitarian aid. I am also happy to be at the helm to deal with the College governance structures and to travel the world as an evangelist for the ICD. I am certain that every President has this same aim and only a limited period to make a difference. I was recently in South Africa to conduct an induction ceremony in Cape Town. We are delighted to support the ...I see an organization that leads the world in educational and humanitarian aid a College that appeals to every dentist of substance and an ICD that has governance structures that are the envy of other international societies. 1 5Journal of the International College of Dentists was allotted for expanded discussions at Council and committee meetings including the highly valued opportunity of having all 2016 committee members meet and discuss their tasks with their Chairs prior to leaving Dublin. Committee on Membership Established The establishment of a new Standing Committee on Membership along with the passage of recommendations will empower the College to move forward towards the goals of increased membership value and growth. Residency was removed as a prerequisite requirement to nominate a candidate as long as the Section where the candidate works or lives provides assurances of the candidates Good Standing by the local dental authorities. The age requirement previously set at 30 years of age was also eliminated. Each Section is now required to designate a Membership Chair to be responsible for membership growth and recruitment within their Section and act as liaison SERIOUS BUSINESS Council members debated and discussed the on-going activities of the College and new initiatives during the meeting in a spirit of collegiality and fellowship. T H E G LO B E 201 6 ublin Ireland one of Europes oldest cities and the birthplace of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce was the site for the 2015 annual International Councils meeting this past October. Officers and Councilors assembled from all over the ICD world to discuss debate and decide on critical issues facing the College and its 12000 Fellows in 122 member countries. The Council was graciously hosted by the European Section who were celebrating their 60th anniversary during the Council meeting. Under the leadership of President Tom Feeney Section V hosted the Council with traditional Irish warmth and cead mile failte 100 thousand welcomes. Council members were invited to a variety of social and educational venues enabling them and guests to meet and get to know many of the host Section delegates see Section V report on page 40 for more details. The Dublin meeting marked the first time that the Council agenda was extended to two and a half days. The additional time D 2016 INTERNATION ALL ROADS LE I N T E R NAT I O NAL Journal of the International College of Dentists1 6 The 2015 Integrated Strategic Plan Adopted The 2015 Integrated Strategic Plan document was adopted under the chairmanship of Past President Joe Kenneally. The short and long term goals are aimed at securing the prominence of the College as a leader in humanitarian and educational programs providing increased value of membership to Fellows and assurance of a sound financial footing in order to better carry out our missions and governance activities efficiently and effectively. Passing of the Gavel The final event of the meeting was the passing of the gavel from 2015 President Joe Kenneally to 2016 President Phillip Dowell who along with 2016 International Officers President Elect Rajesh Chandna Vice President Clive Ross Treasurer Richard Smith Editor Dov Sydney and Secretary General Jack Hinterman took the pledge of office administered by Past International President Leon Aronson. to the International Councils Membership Committee which will provide oversight and ensure that College membership directives and initiatives are being carried out at the Section District and Region levels. Core Values Replace Goals and Objectives The objectives goals and core values were officially coalesced and rewritten into the Constitution under the umbrella of five Core Values for ease of developing universal understanding and communicating the principles and values of the College. Also the expression honorary dental society is now replaced by honor society for dentists. This approved change has been incorporated into our trademarked tag line to now read The worlds oldest and largest honor society for dentists. The Sections are asked to adopt these changes in all their publications and communications as soon as possible to promote consistency throughout all ICD communications worldwide. AT THE PODIUM Presentations reports of committee chairs and the exchange of the presidential gavel took place at the center podium with the new ICD backdrop in full display. AL COUNCIL MEETING AD TO DUBLIN CO U N CI L T H E G LO B E 201 6 Journal of the International College of Dentists 1 7 IMPACTT H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 HANI FARRH F THE VILL SUSTAINABILITY PH I L I P P I N E S Journal of the International College of Dentists1 6 IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 uring Austrian Fellow Hani Farrs visits to Gawad Kalinga GK Hope Village on Negros Island Philippines the dental clinic project that has been able to count on the generous support of ICD Europe since its founding in 2012 took another important step towards a sustainable and promising future. In a meeting with the local authorities GK and the mayor of Talisay Dr. Eric M. Saratan signed an agreement that obliges both parties to mutual cooperation. The authorities will send voluntary dentists to work at the dental clinic and the ICD guarantees the cost-free supply of all necessary dental equipment and materials. On that occasion the introduction of GKs educational dental hygiene program at other schools in the area was discussed to be implemented in the future the same as in GK Hope Village. The recent cooperation with the Philippine Dental Association which contributed greatly to the success of the events to mark the annual dental health day represents another possibility to involve motivated external dentists in the project. Prophylaxis and oral hygiene are central elements of the GK Hope Village Dental Clinic Project. Therefore it is not enough to provide free dental services to the inhabitants of GK Hope Village but there has to be continuous training of the local teachers as their knowledge and commitment is essential in order to change the students perspectives on personal oral and dental hygiene as well as on dental visits. The children at GK learn about these issues in the most playful manner through role-play at the dental clinic they can take on the role of the dentist the patient or the assistant. Furthermore the children receive a range of hygiene products and practice brushing their teeth with their teachers. The message is not only preventive but designed to alleviate the childrens unfounded fear of dental treatment and to make dental care as well as regular visits to a dentist an integral part of their daily life. The hygiene corner helps the children put their newly- acquired knowledge into practice more easily. Thereby the educational effect and in turn the intended change in thinking are supported. The newly dedicated hygiene corner makes a tremendous contribution to the general dental and oral health care of the children living in GK Hope Village. This is because the opportunities for dental hygiene at home are very limited as they are missing the most necessary hygienic articles and appropriate sanitary equipment. The necessary facilities and oral care products can now be found in the newly-built hygiene corner which includes four washbowls is directly connected to the dental clinic and is accessible for everybody 247. able to count on the generous support of ICD Europe D AGE OF HOPE AND SUCCESS IN GK HYGIENE CORNER Fellow Hani Farr cuts the ribbon to the newly-built hygiene corner of GK Hope Village. Left Children practice brushing their teeth in the hygiene corner. TE ACH I N G OR A L HE A LT H I N T H E VI L L AG E O F HO P E 1 7Journal of the International College of Dentists HARD WORK RICHARD GALEONE Dr. Frank Serio project founder and winner of the 2015 American Dental Association Humanitarian Award. DOM I N I CA N RE P U B L I C IMPACTT H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 Journal of the International College of Dentists1 8 IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 hen USA Fellow Mike Kenney attended Dr. Frank Serios program on Volunteerism in Dentistry he didnt expect to be joining a dental mission to San Jose de Ocoa in the Dominican Republic later in the year. Fellow Serio initiated the project in 1982 with the Catholic Medical Mission Board and the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph. Dr. Kenney joining with Dr. Serio and his American and Dominican team arrived a day early to organize supplies and equipment. The days of Team Ocoa began early each day by loading trucks with two generators dental chairs portable dental units instruments and supplies. The team traveled to different villages each day in remote INSPIRATION AND DEDICATION mountainous areas where they set up restorative and surgical suites in small schoolhouses. Local health committees and missionaries provided extensive help. Many of the Dominican volunteers have assisted for 30 years and remarkably eight of the volunteers who helped as children have become dentists. Four hundred and fifty patients were treated with extractions and restorative care. It was inspiring to see how the Dominicans were so happy with so little and to experience their gratitude and appreciation. Dr. Kenney summarized his experience noting I was in awe seeing what Frank had accomplished over the 33 years. His leadership organizational skills relationships exhausting work and dedication were truly amazing. in Dentistry he didnt expect to be joining a dental mission to San Jose de Ocoa in the W TEAM ON A MISSION American and Dominican team members have provided many years of dental care to the people of San Jose de Ocoa in the Dominican Republic. At the same time building camaraderie and long term friendships among the volunteers led by Dr. Serio top left photo 3rd from right with Fellow Mike Kenney top left photo far right corner. Journal of the International College of Dentists 1 9 counterparts Drs. Cheryl Siegel Stephen Mackler and Burton Horwitz Susan Weiss a photographer and Alayna Galbraith a dental assistant of Dr. Horwitz. Diana Uncuta is Associate Professor in Stomatology at the Department of Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Pedodontics and Orthodontics Adjunct Assistant Professor School of Dentistry UNC Chapel Hill USA from 2010. MO L D OVA 16 YEARS OF STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM Fellow Diana Uncuta center in pink with Fellow Burton Horwitz 2nd from left dental students staff and patients at the Moldova ofce of the exchange program. INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION Patients in Moldova along with USA and Moldova dental students USA Fellow Dr. Horwitz 2nd from right and Associate Professor from the Public Institution State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Dr. Alexandra Baraniuc far right. DIANA UNCUTA he UNC Dental School Chapel Hill - Moldova exchange program established in 2000 is a partnership between State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu bringing the dental students from the two countries together. The biggest advantage in this experience is to share new methods techniques of the treatment and scientific researches in the field. This parallel raises our own levels of knowledge and improves practical skills and theoretical knowledge about dentistry. The program provides free dental medical treatment for children and orphans. By this way many of them have regained a beautiful smile. The most important result weve received is helping to restore human kindness in children giving them the confidence that they will succeed in life and in work even if they are less fortunate. I was inspired by the energy ideas and enthusiasm of remarkable persons and skilled dentists. Dentistry is an internationaI profession and passion. We have worked together with our USA University of Medicine and Pharmacy T IMPACTT H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 Journal of the International College of Dentists2 0 CAMPAIGN RAISES 50000 he Global Visionary Fund and Section XX Asia Pacific sector initiated email campaigns to raise funds towards the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. The Asia Pacific sector campaign was headed by Dr. William Cheung Chairman of Humanitarian Projects in Section XX Asia Pacific Dr. KC How Councilor and President of Section XX Asia Pacific and Secretary General Dr. John Hinterman. Donations were collected for the cause from May through August which raised US 50000 from the Modern Dental Laboratory Henry Schein World Dental Education Foundation Ltd. Imperial Dental Specialist Centre of Malaysia Region 31 Vietnam Section IX Philippines individual Fellows across the Asia Pacific countries and other ICD Sections. NE PA L ASIA PACIFIC LEADERS LR Dr. KC How International Councilor of Section XX Asia Pacic sector and Dr. William Cheung Chairman of Humanitarian Projects Asia Pacitic sector. EARTHQUAKE ONE FELLOWS STORY The former dental ofce of Fellow Sudin Shakya struck by the rst earthquake and then destroyed by the second. ellow Dr. Sudin Shakya resides and works in Ne- pal where two major earthquakes struck in 2015. Dr. Shakya practices orthodontic treatment on the fourth floor of the Omkaar Polyclinic along with several other general practitioners. The first earthquake on April 25 hit the building and the second on May 12 caused the entire building to collapse and all equipment to be destroyed. Temporarily the patients of the Omkaar Polyclinic were being general practitioners. F T referred to two other dental clinics nearby. Dr. Shakyas family and nearby friends and colleagues were held up under tents around the area for days following the second earthquake as many tremors and aftershocks continued to occur. The community worked together to cook for each other and provide shelter to those affected. After suffering from minor injuries and mental anxiety Dr. Shakyas family survived the disaster experience and is now okay. A new building has been acquired for the Omkaar Polyclinic and the recovery process is in full fledge. IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 Journal of the International College of Dentists 2 1 T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 Only two weeks before the planned visit to the dental project in Nepal last April the country was rocked by an earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude. The dental project which receives contributions from ICD Section II Canada has set up a daily school toothbrushing program under guidance from local dental partners in Nepal. Through financial aid and provision of volunteer dental teams from Australia the project also supports the delivery of clinical dental care to the Bhattedande School villagers and remote communities in the area. Despite breakdowns in communication infrastructure news came through that while nearly all the houses in Bhattedande Village had been destroyed mercifully there had been no loss of life. All the toilets built in our sanitation project survived the shakings. Sadly nearly 9000 people died in Nepal and many more were seriously injured. It is estimated that almost 2 million people lost their homes. FOCUS ON EMERGENCY RELEIF ThevisitdidproceedinMayhoweverdentalplanswereabandoned and our teams focussed on emergency relief work. Two hours after arriving in Kathmandu on May 12 the second earthquake struck. This was 7.3 in magnitude and severe enough to cause further loss of life and damage to already-weakened structures. Nepalese were experiencing grief shock and terrible uncertainty regarding the future. Donated relief funds were used for immediate works to get people throughtheJune-Septemberwetseasonwithafocusonsupporting the construction of stronger houses in the future. The villagers were helped in setting up temporary tin shelters and kitchens and each household received a kit containing basic items such as soap toothbrushes and toothpaste bed sheets cooking utensils and mosquito nets. While the villagers will be living in temporary shelters for some time to come depending on fundraising capacity there is a need to return to some sort of normal routine. The dental work was revived in September with a reinvigoration of the school toothbrushing program and provision of dental camps to Bhattedande Village and other remote villages. IMPACT NE PA L DENTAL TEAM SWITCHES 2 2 Journal of the International College of Dentists IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 2 3 TO RELIEF EFFORTS SANDRA MEIHUBERS Australasia Fellow Sandra Meihubers far right helps provide an oral exam to a child of the Bhattedande Dental Clinic in Bhattedande Nepal. Journal of the International College of Dentists T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 2 4 CA M B O D I A Fellow Glen Zeniths daughter Dr. Mila Zenith with one of her patients following treatment at the orphanage. FAMILY AND KINDN IMPACT Journal of the International College of Dentists IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 ESS Grade 1 students line up for dental treatment at Chomnaom. Hygienists using natural light and headlamps to deliver care on makeshift benches. Delivering prophylaxis and hygiene instruction at Peaceful Childrens Home Orphanage. Chomnaom Catholic Church converted into temporary dental clinic. GLEN ZENITH Iam fortunate to have been involved with the International College of Dentists and Kindness in Action two organiza- tions that provide dental health services to the underprivi- leged. Ive been given the opportunity to serve others. As well I am especially privileged as my wife and four children have accompanied me on Kindness in Action volunteer trips to Hon- duras Nicaragua Venezuela Peru and Cambodia. These work projects have provided unique work environments with dental students dentists dental assistants dental hygienists from across Canada and the USA and dental professionals of the host country. Each trip with its own memorable experiences resulted in a sense of humility and fulfillment that only comes from serving others. Kindness in Action is a humanitarian organization with over 300 volunteers working on projects in 10 countries. In a weeks time approximately 500 people are treated by the volunteers. They work hand in hand with the local community to deliver the care. This project was in Cambodia where me and my daughter Dr. Mila Zenith were part of the team. Kindness in Action has been supported by the Canadian Spence Foundation with supplies and equipment. It is deeply satisfying knowing that you have tried to help the world to be a better place - one life at a time I have developed a worldwide group of friends. Having my wife and children join me on these dental missions has been especially gratifying. My eldest daughter Mila was influenced by multiple trips with Kindness in Action to choose dentistry as a career. Glen Zenith is a Past Canadian ICD President and International Councilor Journal of the International College of Dentists 2 5 SN A P S H OTS IMPACTT H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 EL SALVADOR Speroway heads to El Salvador with pharmaceuticals medical and dental support and sup- plies and makes over 5000 visits in five days. Spero is the Latin word for hope with way hopeful way forward. A num- ber of communities were served by the team with a special day at San Jose Villanueva where a permanent MedicalDental clinic was opened. The dental mission in part was supported by the ICD William Spence Foundation. UGANDA Fellow Carolyn Malon of the USA Section in Connecticut has been helping schools and hospitals in Uganda with dental aid and supplies. Through the ICD Global Visionary Fund she was able to procure a Nomad x-ray unit for use in Uganda and through donations and funding she was able to supply toothbrushes and dental supplies. Her dream is to provide a fixed dental unit for treatment to those in need. El Salvador Uganda Journal of the International College of Dentists2 6 IMPACT T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 INDIA A unique single-day denture camp was held by the A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences in association with the International College of Dentists at Indraprastha Vidyalaya at Uppinangady a rural area about 50 kilometers from Mangalore City. Forty-nine deserving and pre-screened individuals received full dentures by a team of 40 doctors 20 residents and 16 technicians. This was a one-of-a-kind public service initiative conceptualized by both institutions over the years and the first single-day denture camp was held in 1987 incidentally at this very village. A Mega Dental Treatment Camp was also held on the same day. About 569 patients were screened treated and given oral health education about different oral hygiene aids oral hygiene practices and harmful effects of oral habits. Oral prophylaxis extractions and restorations were also performed. Medicines and oral hygiene kits were distributed free to the patients. MYANMAR Myanmar Section performed a humanitarian project at Kyiek Wine Orphanage School on World Oral Health Day held in March by providing tooth brushes and tooth pastes to the children. Fellows demonstrated toothbrushing techniques and provided oral health education to the public together with a poster presentation. TAIPEI ICD Section XII Chinese Taipei in collaboration with Taipei-Tokyo- Seoul Rotary International gave a community oral service to the disabled children of the First Children Welfare Foundation in Taipei City Taiwan. The First Childrens Development Centre was established in Taipei City in 1980 in response to the increasing need of quality care and training services for developmentally disabled children in Taiwan island-wide. There now exists seven development centers and one group home to about every 800 disabled persons of various types and different age levels. Led by Taiwan President Dr. Ying-Kwei Tseng wearing mask Section XII had more than 20 Fellows involved in the community mission. Thanks to President Tsengs efforts an amount of US 12000 was also donated to the Foundation by Taipei-Tokyo-Seoul Rotary International. The director teachers parents and students of the First Children Welfare Foundation are grateful for the services and the donations received. India Myanmar Taipei Journal of the International College of Dentists 2 7 SN A P S H OTS IMPACTT H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 PAKISTAN Under the guidance of ICD Regent Arshad Malik a dental team provided dental exams and oral education to 150 students at the City School of Faisalabad in November of 2014. The dental house surgeons of the Punjab Medical College Faisalabad Dental Section examined the students oral hygiene and instructed them as necessary on caries perio and ortho practices. SAO TOME ICD President Phillip Dowell center and Section V Europe Regent for Portugal Gil Alcoforado right collaborated with A Smiling World NGO to provide oral health services to the people of Sao Tome a small Portuguese-speaking island off of the western coast of Central Africa. They delivered tooth brushes tooth pastes and fluoride treatments oral examinations oral hygiene and nutritional information to the island residents. PHILIPPINES Bayanihan Challenge- the day where Fellows of the Philippines Section together with the ICD-GK housing recipients town officials community leaders and volunteers come together for a day to help build houses. A day of celebrating together the spirit of Gawad Kalinga meanstogivecare.MasterandformerICDInternational President Primo Gonzales who donated the three hectare property filled a time capsule with project memorabilia. Pakistan Philippines Sao Tome Journal of the International College of Dentists2 8 SECTION REPORTS Section I United States of America Section II Canada Section III Mexico Section IV South America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Paraguay Peru Uruguay Section V European Austria Belgium Czech Republic Croatia Cyprus Denmark England Finland Estonia France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Scotland Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine Wales Section VI India Sri Lanka Nepal Section VII Japan Section VIII Australasia Australia New Zealand Fiji Islands Papua New Guinea Section IX Philippines Section X Middle East Lebanon Jordan Iraq Saudi Arabia Syria Kuwait Bahrain Qatar Muscat Oman Arab Emirates Yemen Section XI Korea Section XII Chinese Taipei Section XIII China Section XIV Myanmar Section XX Regions Asia Sector Region 22 Hong Kong Macau Region 23 South Asia Cambodia Laos Thailand Region 24 Afghanistan Pakistan Region 25 Singapore Region 30 Iran Region 31 Vietnam Region 33 Malaysia Brunei Region 37 Turkey Region 38 Indonesia Region 41 Bangladesh Africa Sector Region 26 Libya Morocco Tunisia Region 27 South Africa Zimbabwe Region 28 Central Africa Region 29 Egypt Sudan Region 34 West Africa Cameroon Ghana Nigeria Region 35 East Africa Burundi Kenya Rwanda South Sudan Tanzania Uganda Other Region 21 Central America Panama Region 32 English Caribbean Islands Region 40 Russia Region 50 at-Large Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 2 9 REPORTS FROM THE ICD SECTIONS WORLDWIDE Ofcers listed in Section Reports are accurate as of 1 January 2016 Margaret M. Culotta-Norton 2016 Officers President Margaret M. Culotta-Norton President Elect Charles L. Smith Vice President Joe Kenneally Past President Dexter E. Barnes Treasurer Richard M. Smith Editor Richard J. Galeone Registrar Carol I. Turner Deputy Registrar Keith Suchy SGRegistrar Emeritus Robert E. Brady Deputy Registrar Emeritus Van Zissi Editor Richard J. Galeone Presidents Greeting Margaret Cullota-Norton I would like to thank the Fellows of the USA Section for entrusting me with the honor of being their President in 2016. I am fortunate to follow many dedicated leaders including our 2015 President Deck Barnes who have guided this Section in implementing our core values of Integrity Leadership and Service. With the enthusiasm and commitment of the Section Board of Regents I am confident we will have a stellar year. In 2012 the USA Section embarked upon a Strategic Plan with the intention of establishing priorities goals and objectives for our future growth and success. Four years into this plan and we are fulfilling many of our goals. The Section will review our Strategic Plan in 2016 to ensure we continue moving forward. The USA Section inducted 308 new Fellows in Washington D.C. These Fellows with impressive credentials are our future. We welcome and encourage them to stay involved and Share the Honor by sponsoring other deserving candidates. Focusing on Leadership and Humanitarian efforts we encourage Fellows to mentor and introduce students to the importance of the global community. Interest in Section projects such as the International Student Experience Global Health Student Associations White Coat Ceremonies Peace Corps and Fisher House projects are growing each year. Our Humanitarian Liaison Committee presents informative seminars on volunteer opportunities in the USA and abroad. Recently the renewed excitement and organization of the College has encouraged increased cooperation and collaboration among the Sections. I look forward to seeing the College and the USA Section experience forward momentum in membership growth and retention along with renewed interest in leadership and humanitarian efforts by its Fellows worldwide. The guidance of our talented Registrar Carol Turner an amazing Board of Regents and a supportive Foundation provide me the confidence to work toward fulfilling the Sections goals and objectives. I am confident that the enthusiasm of President-Elect Chuck Smith and Vice President Joe Kenneally will move the Section to greater heights in the coming years. I thank my colleagues for giving me this opportunity to make a difference. I am PROUD to be a Fellow in the International College of Dentists Past Presidents Report Dexter Barnes DDS As 2015 fades into history and 2016 takes over I look back on my year as President with a great deal of thankfulness for the opportunity of serving as President of this great organization. We brought 312 new Fellows into the College our largest class ever during our meeting in Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 0 Section I USA ICD USA Foundation W. Michael Kenney Past President The USA Section Foundation has had a very productive year and I extend a most sincere thanks to our Board of Trustees and our US Fellows for their continued dedication and generous support. This has been a time of continuous introspection and growth as we strive to make the Foundation the best it can Washington D.C. in November I want to thank the Regents Vice Regents Officers and our great staff for all of their support and hard work that made 2015 such a wonderful year. The USA Section is energized and active and Im excited to see where we go this year. We will be reviewing and updating our Applied Strategic Plan ASP in January. Much of what has been accomplished in the past three years is a direct result of this plan and Im looking forward to the outcome of the review. Registrar Carol Turner has announced her intention of retiring at the end of 2016 and finding her replacement will be a critical part of this years agenda. Dr. Turner is a strong and talented Executive Director and finding the right person to take her place will not be easy. The USA Section has benefited greatly from her leadership especially with all of the changes resulting from the ASP. Dr. Richard Galeone our Editor has also informed us of his intention to resign at the end of 2016. He is also someone who will be greatly missed and difficult to replace. Richard has done a fabulous job of putting together and publishing our annual KEY and our frequent KEYNOTES as well as chairing our Communications Committee. Being an editor is often an under appreciated position and we owe a huge THANK YOU to Richard for his devoted efforts to always publish the very best every time. As my long time mentor and friend the late Dr. Donald Compaan Past President of the USA Section always told me The ICD is the very best of the best the Crme de la Crme and I echo that statement. It is a joy and honor to be a part of this great organization. be. Major Bylaw changes were passed at our annual meeting to make the Board more efficient and flexible. We began to develop an Applied Strategic Plan ASP in January with a compelling vision mission goals and objectives. A comprehensive draft was presented and will be finalized at our spring meeting in 2016. Our Century Club was introduced in late 2014 to the USA Section and Foundation leadership. Membership requires a donation of 100 per month or 1200 per year for five years. I am proud that 100 of our Board of Regents and Board of Trustees are participating and we have 46 Charter Fellows. The program is now being introduced to all of our US Fellows. The USA Foundation awarded 91842 in grants 68000 was used to support the educational and humanitarian programs of the USA Section. We are proud of our Fellows and request that everyone submit articles and pictures so that their humanitarian stories can be shared. Grant applications are available on our Foundation website at The Foundation will sponsor a motivational speaker prior to the Fellowship Orientation Program. In its inaugural year Dr. Robert Frazer spoke on Life Leadership and Legacy. Dr. Frazer is an ICD Fellow Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 1 Section Reports USA Registrars Report Carol I. Turner The USA Section continues to be successful with our Applied Strategic Planning ASP. Although we had a five-year plan through 2017 we are close to completing many of our goals. Dr. Robert Frazer our ASP Facilitator will be leading us through our review session this January 2016. The team is really looking forward to the renewal process. Our Board of Regents Spring Meeting was held in sunny San Diego California at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa on Mission Beach. After the exceptionally long and cold winter we had here in Gaithersburg Maryland the California meeting was a delightful venue. The Board is really adapting well to the transition to electronic initiatives in communication. They are all now looking at the way we have done projects and business in the past and rethinking all of our approaches. The new website and electronic Candidate Information Forms are a real plus they gives us the opportunity to collect or provide current information and events as we continue to grow. Our Humanitarian Liaison Committee is a real success story. We have sponsored Volunteer Symposiums in five 2015 locations in conjunction with major dental meetings in Denver Colorado Phoenix Arizona Minneapolis Minnesota Seattle Washington and New York City. The results and reception to the presentations have been exceptional. One of our presenters Dr. Francis Serio was honored with the 2015 American Dental Associations Humanitarian Award. Our USA Section Foundation was standing by to present a check for his work with his very worthwhile Dominican Dental Mission Project. The annual session took place in our nations capital Washington D.C. from November 3-6 2015. What an exciting venue. Our capital city is a wealth of history with some beautiful and moving monuments. We welcomed 305 new USA Section Fellows and one Fellow from Section XX. We honored three additional Honorary Fellows two well deserving Master Fellows and presented a Presidential Citation. I have read the Candidate Information Packets on all these folks and found that there is an incredible amount of talent joining our ranks. These are exciting times for the Section as we refocus and realign to provide the best value for the membership of our Fellows. and an expert on ASP and practice management. His presentation was very well received by the new Fellows and their families. The Student Humanitarian Leadership Award was developed by the Foundation and introduced this year as a new Section Award. It will be given annually to a senior dental student at each US dental school that exemplifies altruistic leadership in promoting and participating in humanitarian activities and projects. Forty-one out of 61 US dental schools participated. We extend our deep appreciation to Dr. Bill Hunter for his donation of 28000 to fund this program over 10 years. Foundation Presidential Awards were given to Dr. Jack Gobetti and to Dr. and Mrs. Charles Simons. Dr. Gobetti is an oral pathologist and a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan Dental School. He donated 35000 slides to the UMI that will be digitalized and available to the profession. Dr. and Mrs. Simons were recognized for their leadership and philanthropy. They will gift 10000 per year for 10 years to the US Foundation 8000 will support the Fellowship Orientation Program of the Section and 2000 will be given to the ICD Global Visionary Fund. Dr. Frank Serio received the ADA Humanitarian of the Year Award at the Opening Session of the ADA. We are very proud of Dr. Serio and the Foundation contributed 5000 toward this award. The Key Room has an excellent selection of ICD clothing and apparel. A catalogue is now available. Merchandise can be viewed and orders can be placed online at our Foundation website at ICD USA Foundation... Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 32 Section Reports USA Editor J. Brian Clark Presidents Greeting Ken Skinner St. Johns Newfoundland hosted the 66th Annual Meeting of the ICD Canadian Section on August 27-28 2015 in conjunction with the Canadian Dental Association and the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association conjoint meeting. International President Joe Kenneally and wife Fellow Lisa Howard as well as International Councilors Jack McLister and Donna Brode were in attendance. President Kenneallys warm presence and his engaging address brought a feeling of fellowship to the evening. Last years Presidential Citation winner Fellow David Sweet also attended. President Randall Croutze reminded the large gathering to remember their families in all their activities and similarly their ICD family. President Croutze then presided over a light hearted and exciting Convocation dinner and gala in which a record number of 63 new Fellows were inducted. I feel the half hour spent shaking hands and welcoming the new Fellows along with College President Kenneally was one of the high points of my life. The Presidential Citation was awarded to Fellow Gordon Thompson a most deserving recipient. My own brief address focused on fellowship and applauding opportunities for social interaction among Fellows at the local level. Throughout the two-day meeting items were available for sale by the Tartan Committee. I am sure that the enhanced array of items for sale and District 5 Regent Drew Smiths energetic salesmanship has resulted in a nice donation to the W.J. Spence - ICD Memorial Foundation. At the Board of Regents meeting the Strategic Planning Committee report was accepted which dealt with many ways to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of ICD in Canada. Congratulations to the new officers Past President Randall Croutze President Elect Ian Doyle Vice President Cliff Swanlund Deputy Regent Terrie Logue in District 7 and Regent Pauline Harrison President Ken Skinner 2016 Officers President Ken R. Skinner President Elect Ian M. Doyle Vice President Cliff Swanlund Immediate Past President Randall R. Croutze Registrar Robert C. Baker Treasurer Allan B. Baker Editor J. Brian Clark Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 3 Section II CANADA BUILDING LEADERS Section ofcers alon with CD resident oe enneally stands with the new Fellows of Canada in St. ohn s Newfoundland. in District 2. Many thanks personally and on behalf of ICD to Randall Croutze for encouraging dialogue and building consensus as president in a very successful year for Section II. This past years success has meant many hours of extra work for Registrar Bob Baker. Many thanks to Bob for managing this additional work load flawlessly and gracefully. Treasurer Allan Baker shared in the increased work load around a much larger class of inductees but also found time to clarify our relationship with the Canada Revenue Agency as well leading to a very reassuring conclusion. Thank you Allan. Finally Brian Clark deserves congratulations for organizing the high quality content and appealing look of the newsletter as well as managing the ever evolving and increasingly effective ICD website. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next fiscal year working with all the kind and interesting Fellows in Section II. The next convocation is scheduled for May 27-28 2016 in Jasper Alberta. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 4 Section Reports CANADA Registrars Report Bob Baker into the ICD at the Annual Meeting and Convocation of the Canadian Section May 27-28 2016 at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper Alberta. The donations received by the W. J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation in 2014 totaled 33896 and were used to provide a total of 26300 for five projects Dr. T. Harle Portable Ottawa Dental Service - 1000 Dr. A. Kim Cross Church - 5000 Dr. J. Cottrell Speroway - 10000 Dr. J. Kalbfleisch Health Outreach - 3800 Dr. K. Stones Semiahmoo- 6500. Once again the Board approved the granting of 10 student awards of 1000 each plus a plaqued certificate to each award winner in the 10 Faculties of Dentistry in Canada. LR Fellows David Larsen Ken Stones Les Ennis on the Semiahmoo Mission to Iquitos Peru. President Croutze presents the Presidential Citation to Fellow Gordon Thompson a past president of the Canadian Section. to the Executive that we have a double class of candidates for our meeting in St. Johns. The Executive agreed and as a result the Board of Regents approved 86 proposals for invitation to induction into the International College of Dentists at the Annual Meeting and Convocation of the Canadian Section August 27- 28 2015 in St. Johns Newfoundland. Twenty-three of the proposed candidates requested and were granted deferrals to 2016 and therefore 63 new Fellows convocated in St. Johns. The Credentials Committee utilized a conference call and an e-mail Opinion Poll in order to deal effectively with the large number of proposals without decreasing the quality of process. The Board also granted 21 Life fellowships. The Board of Regents has approved 50 proposals for invitation to induction The highlights of 2015 from a Registrars perspective included a significant increase in membership in Section II and substantial improvements in our website Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our website manager Brian Clark webmaster Phong Van Ha long time website committee member Garry Lunn and Treasurer Allan Baker we now have a website where proposals for fellowship and applications for funding by the W. J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation can be completed online. The lack of growth in our active membership and the 18 months between our 2014 meeting and our 2015 meeting prompted the Strategic Planning Committee to recommend Editor Federico Prez Dez Section III MEXICO Presidents Greeting Hctor Luis Cabaas Garca It is a great honor for me to have been elected as President of Section Mexico. It is of great commitment to face important challenges and to generate benefits and constructive ideas and make important changes when considered necessary. To be part of our College is a synonym of excellence leadership and professional status. This can be handled responsibly when being a part of a regency committee or directive board of the different dental associations or professional groups throughout the world. With this we will make our College a stronger and more influential institution that can mark a positive difference on the development of the dental profession within the communities we serve and within its scientific development. We must be sensitive to the technological scientific and communication changes that have occurred recently. And we must read understand and apply them for the benefit of our College in order to maintain our leading position in our profession. I want to make clear to all ICD Fellows from Mexico and internationally as well as to our future Fellows that becoming an ICD Fellow is not a simple act of belonging to a dental group it is not only a medal or a prize within our professional trajectories. The obligation of an ICD Fellow is by far more important because being a Fellow of the International College of Dentists is a real honor and a particular way of being and this is what marks an enormous difference from others without this commitment. Finally on behalf of myself and the members from our Mexico Section we would like to send our best wishes for this 2016 to all our Fellows around the world as well as to our College President Dr. Phillip Dowell and the International Council of our College. Honoring a Memory It is important to start this years report with a very deep feeling of sadness and respect for the loss of one of our Masters Dr. Abraham Chisikovski Perkins. He passed away this October after being one of the pillars of our College for many years we will always remember him as a very warm and gentle person. As a great teacher and family man our Section was honored to have him as an active Fellow. The Distinguished Member Award now carries his name and will keep honoring our most distinguished Fellows after him. We had the painful loss of another distinguished Fellow who died prematurely in December. She was Dr. Martha Julieta Prez Villanueva a very active Regent of the Northwest Regency and she did an outstanding job helping the most needy persons in Baja California. She was a very recognized professional and wonderful human being. May they both rest in peace. Central Regency Under the initiative of Fellow Dr. Jesus Mario Herrera R. there was a business meeting during the celebration of the Colegio de Odontlogos de Celaya Dental Meeting on October 25 2014. At this ICD reunion several aspects were addressed and the Central Regency Regent Dr. Roberto Wuotto received all the suggestions for future activities. On November 11 a donation of toothbrushes toothpastes preventive dental instructions and basic foods were Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 5 President Hctor Luis Cabaas Garca 2016 Officers President Hctor Luis Cabaas Garca President Elect Jos ngel Sifuentes S. Vice President Joaqun Campdera Past President Miguel . Coln Lizalde Registrar Elis Yamile Snchez A. Treasurer Miguel Snchez Aedo Editor Federico Prez Dez Section Reports MEXICO delivered to the Asilo de Ancianos Casa de las Rosas nursing home. The 2nd biannual dental meeting was held on June 5-6 2015. Fellow Dr. Alma Godnez actively participated. Several lecturers were Fellows Drs. Luis Pars Nestor Schejtman Federico Prez Dez past president ICD-M Jos Luis Castellanos Jos Martnez M. and Alma Godinez. Also dental companies helped the College with their patronage to make this meeting possible. Over 100 dental professionals plus 35 Fellows attended this meeting. It was an extraordinary event accomplishing the deliverance of an important educational objective for the professionals and students. Northwest Regency This regency has done community dental work as well as delivered donations for the nursing home Dr. Carlos Canseco in Mexicali Baja California. In July 26 sets of active ware as well as 200 toothbrushes and toothpastes for the entire population of this institution were gathered and donated. This material was facilitated through the help of Fellows like Dr. Javier Eugenio Venegas and Regent of the Northwest Regency Dr. Martha Julieta Prez. In January 2015 a donation of blankets toothbrushes and toothpastes was delivered to each of the 40 children of the orphan home Casa Hogar El Nio Felz in Mexicali BC. Finally the Northwest Regency obtained dental materials and medicinal supplies for the Dispensary Manos Unidas. North Central Regency In June with the donation of dental materials of COA Internacional 250 patients were treated in Guachochi in the Chihuahua Dessert. Also at the community center la Esperanza a total of 350 patients were treated by six Fellows dentists and physicians from the Rotary Club of Ciudad Juarez teachers and students and members from dental associations. All the patients received antibiotics medications toothbrushes and toothpastes. Fellows who worked on this service were Drs. Elis Yamile Snchez Abdeljalek Alfonso Gonzlez Campder Miguel ngel Colin Lizalde President ICD-M Javier Alonso Ramirez Numa Escobar Soto and Ruben Escobar Prieto. Two electrical power plants donated by ICD-M were used for the first time. They were bought with the product of the first dental seminar that was held two years ago in Ciudad Juarez and now will help our Section to do community dental service projects in rural zones. Five visits with important donations of medical products were made to the medical dispensary San Francisco de Asis. This institution takes care of medically treating very poor people. Personally Dr. Sifuentes has taken the chore of getting donations from medical laboratories to our College in order to help this dispensary. On May 6 -9 2015 dental services were performed free of charge at the Nuestra Seora de la Esperanza in Cd. Jurez Chih and 540 patients were treated. South Regency At the end of 2014 Fellows from the South Regency dental and medical students and teachers from Universidad Anhuac Mayab from Mrida Yucatn and government institution professionals from Chetumal held their traditional community service Brigadas Odontolgicas. Nine hundred patients were diagnosed and most of them were treated for urgent dental needs from mobile dental units visiting rural sites of Bacalar State of Quintana Roo. In July 2015 the 3rd Community Oral Health Campaign was held in order to bring dental care to more than 2000 people inside Yucatan Rio Lagartos. It was organized by the Anahuac Mayab University School of Dentistry with participation of the ICD the Social Foundation Luis Siquer from Spain and the State Health Services of Yucatan SSY. With the joint participation led by the Southeast Regency dental care was given to the rural communities of Mococh Conkal Dzidzantn Chumayel Tekax Chankom and Cuyo. WELCOMING OUR NEW FELLOWS Section III Ofcers ICD President Dowell and inductees at the Mexico Convocation on ov. 3 2 . Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 6 TRADITION CONTINUES South Zone Regent Dr. Rolando Peniche with group of teachers dentists and students of Universidad Anhuac Mayab who performed the Communitary Dental Brigades services in Yucatn and Quintana Roo. Among the people benefited were poor and elderly adults pregnant women and children who have undergone prompt detection and removal of decay and have been taught the correct technique of tooth brushing. Pacific Regency In November a golf tournament was held at Tres Vidas en la Playa Golf Course at Acapulco a beautiful Mexican resort. The tournaments name was ICD Open and all the Fellows who played this event enjoyed it very much while growing their friendships. Mexico City In Mxico City members of the Board and Past President Coln have been working with the Foundation Fundacin Dibujando un Maana which helps very poor children who live in terrible conditions at the garbage dumps of the city. Five visits to the Community Center of Chimalhuacn Estado de Mxico have been made by these Fellows. The first three visits were used to obtain all the materials needed for a dental clinic. In the next two visits dental treatments were performed on 40 patients on each occasion. The foundation is providing the dental materials that have been requested. The Fellows and colleagues who have participated include Drs. Patricia Coln Joaqun Gonzlez Campdera Alfonso Gonzlez Campdera Miguel Snchez Aedo Hctor Cabaas Rodolfo Sariana and Miguel Coln. Also Drs. Alfonso Gonzlez Campdera Miguel Snchez Aedo and Guadalupe Gmez Benet have been performing free dental services for homeless children at Casa Hogar Cenculo de Guadalupe and 45 children have been treated dentally and preventatively. Dr. Hctor Luis Cabaas reports a new project called Brigade of Dental Care for Children in Chimalhuacn by the Mexico ICD. This project started in 2014 with the Dibujando un Maana Foundation and has built a strong bond between the foundation and Mexico ICD. Fellows who have been involved from the beginning are Drs. Marcela Barragn Elis Snchez Miguel ngel Coln Alfonso Gonzlez Joaqun Gonzlez Miguel Snchez Aedo Jos Carlos Surez and Hctor L. Cabaas. We hope that more members will add to this noble cause that enhances our College position at a national and international level reaffirming the goal of having the opportunity to serve. The frequency of dental services performed by our Section in this place is one visit every three months. We expect to increase this amount through 2016 given the successful clinic results that have been accomplished in this community. To date 200 children have benefited from this project which features the making of clinical records diagnostic procedures treatment planning and treatment performance. General Assembly On November 13 we had our Bi-annual General Assembly and Business Meeting with the participation of 40 Fellows and directives who enjoyed the visit of College President Dr. Phillip Dowell. Very important situations were discussed and agreed. Between the highlights it was agreed to name vice-regents from areas that need more development and the Mexico City Regency was formed naming Dr. Rolando Velasco as its first regent. All the Section III regents read their reports as well as the treasury report presented by Treasurer Miguel Snchez Aedo-Liero. College President Dowell also spoke about the importance of community service worldwide and business aspects of our College. Finally Dr. Miguel ngel Coln spoke of his two years as president and he was congratulated by everybody for his outstanding job. That same night our Induction Ceremony was held at Centro Asturiano of Mexico City with the participation of more than 200 persons. Dr. Ernesto Acua E. past president of both Mexico and the College was conferred Master fellowship and nine distinguished colleagues were inducted. Finally Dr. Miguel ngel Coln Lizalde passed the presidential symbols to Dr. Hctor Luis Cabaas who is now Section III President from 2015 to 2017. To end this magnificent day there was a celebration at Centro Asturiano and all Fellows families and friends enjoyed a tasteful dinner and danced until late hours. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 7 Section Reports MEXICO President Roberto Avalos 2016 Officers President Roberto Avalos Past President Walter Marrou General Secretary Milton Ramos Treasurer Claudio Mendez Editor Danilo Ocaranza Editor Danilo Ocaranza Presidents Greetings Reported by Christian Rochefort Q. International Councilor Section IV officers and the Board of Directors elected for the period of 2016-2017 are defined as follows President Roberto Avalos Chile Secretary Milton Ramos Chile Treasurer Claudio Mendez Chile and Councilor Alvaro Gadola Bergara Uruguay. Brazil District The goal of this District is to be present throughout the vast country by the exchange of colleagues together with the planning of activities. During 2015 Brazil chose five prestigious odontologists to become part of the ICD. Unfortunately the difficult economic situation that this country is undergoing did not give the chance to organize the Investiture Ceremony. Due to the same reason 13 Fellows set themselves apart from the ICD in 2015 as the purchasing power in Brazil does not go along with the American dollar variation. Brazil currently has 42 active Fellows. The new Board of Directors which starts working in January 2016 was elected as follows President Halbert Villalba General Secretary Fabio Monteiro and Treasurer Ricardo Salgado. The prevention program continued as well as the diagnosis and treatment of patients who suffer from chronic kidney failure and transplant patients. Doctors Elcio Magdalena Giovani and Rosimery Batista Martins were in charge of the weekly medical attention of the patients. An Oral Pathology Program was created to investigate anomalies in the oral mucous membrane. It took place in the Lar Vicente de Paula in Soracaba and 58 patients were examined. A dental compressor was donated to the Children School Educandrio Santo Agostinho in Soracaba to improve the dental condition of children between 4 months to 6 years old. A new project was implemented in Creche Maria Claro in Sorocaba treating more than 120 children who suffer from multiple syndromes and brain paralysis. Uruguay District The Uruguayan District elected their new president for 2016 Dr. Beatriz Casnatti. During 2015 Plenary Reunions were held in July and September. In addition Academic Sessions took place with Professor Dr. Iliana Algazi. The District has two projects Alvarez Caldeyro Barcia Project which is a campaign called Campaa del Abrigo and consists of giving blankets to premature babies and their mothers in the Pereira Rossell Children Hospital and the Implant Mucous Supported Prosthesis in Universidad Catlica del Uruguay project which is in the implementation process. In addition the District awarded Drs. Graciela Gonzalez and Ins Caviglia the National Award on Odontology Research 2015 Professor Doctor Maria Ins Navarra. Chile District For this District the Board of Directors was elected for the 2016-2017 as follows President Mauricio Rosenberg Secretary Andrea Pizarro Treasurer Claudio Mendez Pro-Secretary Christian Rochefort Past-President Roberto Avalos and Historian Paola Carvajal. In March an administrative meeting was held to set the goals for 2015. The Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 8 Section IV SOUTH AME RICA Section Reports SOUTH AME RICA District obtained the Legal Entity of the ICD Chilean District a process that took several years. A conference titled The 2010 Earthquake in Chile The Health System and the International Cooperation Response was presented by Dr. Elizabeth Lopez. In July the District organized a successful course with high attendance presented by Fellow Milton Ramos Miranda. A conference conducted by Prof. Dr. Jorge Marn was held called Complete Rehabilitation of the Senior Citizen Patient. In addition the Chilean District is on Facebook and the identity card of the District has been distributed. Peru District In a ceremony held on November 12 2014 a Fellow and past president of the Peru District Dr. Sergio Alvarado received the Hiplito Unanue Award for best research on health sciences in odontology. During this year Fellows Gilberto Henostroza and Wilson Delgado received recognitions for their outstanding work. Fellow Hugo Aguayo represented Peru in the XX International Congress of Maxillofacial Radiology in Chile. Life- long Fellow David Loza presented his eighth published book which focuses on dental occlusion. Fellow Eduardo Morzan participated as a speaker at the Advanced International OSAS Symposium held in Germany. Regarding the District activities the Social Projection Program has continued together with the San Isidro Rotary where prevention promotion and attention activities take place in different specializations the population requires. Argentina District The Board of Directors for the Argentina District is as follows President Silvia Kahn Past-President Rafael Gutierrez Secretary Paula Klas Treasurer Axel Endruhn and Editor Carlos Maria Bruno. In March 2015 an agreement was signed with the Argentinean Odontology Association AOA that will allow ICD Fellows to have access to the same advantages of the AOA partners. Social Projects were carried out in order to get the oral education closer to the community in four institutions located in deprived areas. Regents Reunion The 2015 South American Regents Reunion took place in Santiago Chile October 22-24 with participating representatives from Peru Uruguay Brazil Argentina and Chile. Paraguay was absent and there was no word from the Colombians. Dr. David Mock a Canadian Fellow was invited as well. Councilor Christian Rochefort presented the result of topics discussed at the 2015 International Council Meeting in Ireland. Within that context the request of the Fourth Section was accepted. This request consisted of not establishing a diaspora for the Colombian colleagues who live and work out of Colombia but to belong to the ICD Districts where they have residency. The Colombian District has to be formed by colleagues who live have their professional work permit and work in Colombia. Additionally the Council agreed on awarding Master fellowship to Brazilian Fellow Pericles Correa de Freitas for his contribution to the development of ICD in the region. The entire reunion was surrounded by a friendly fraternal atmosphere and ended in a day trip to the seaside cities of Valparaiso and Via del Mar. The South American Regents Reunion 2016 will take place in June in Sao Paulo Brasil. Lastly we would like to rejuvenate Section IV and take it to the current standard of the worldwide ICD. SECTION IV LEADERS at the Regents Meeting in Chile in October 2 . LR back Claudio Mendez Treasurer Gustavo Cortez Milton Ramos General Secretary Alvaro Gadola Bergara Intl Councilor Paula Klas Mauricio Rosenberg LR front Walter Marrou Past President Elena Kavaliauskis District Uruguay Roberto valos President Silvia Kahn and Beatriz Casnatti. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 9 Bra- zilian Proj- ects tients Care together with the Paulia Chilean Projects Chile shows proudly its two new Maer Fellows Doctors Jos Matas Colom and Ral Corvaln Bucher. Programs of Continuing Training have continued t President Corrado Paganelli 2016 Officers President Corrado Paganelli President Elect Shelagh Farrell Vice President Christian Robin Past President Tom Feeney Registrar Argirios Pissiotis Treasurer Hendrik Donker Editor Walter J. van Driel Section V EUROPE Editor Walter J. van Driel Presidents Greeting Corrado Paganelli It is a great honour and a pleasure to welcome you all to 2016 Milan 61st annual meeting of the European Section of the International College of Dentists. The whole world knows Italy as the cradle of art and good food the traditions that blend with the pleasures and enjoyment of life the same traditions that are our strength and our engine. On this background we are building a meeting where the moments of pleasure will interact with those of learning science and opportunities. A conference that is open to Fellows and non-Fellows. A symposium to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons. For this we have selected a scientific program perhaps a bit unusual but in our opinion worthy of your interest. Considering we are a College of scientific cultural and professional specialties we have created a scientific day that would provide each something new and interesting. We have selected those who can help us improve not only as dentists but as human beings and professionals experts who are able to develop skills that have remained dormant. The background of this revolutionary and at the same time traditional meeting is worthy of the most beautiful and dreamed Italy of great museums and dolce vita where beauty blends with tradition and the colours have the taste of great memories and good food. It is with great fervency and joy that I hope to see you all in Italy in 2016. To be able to share with you the traditions we wanted to marry to innovation. Hoping you too can be the protagonists of the movie that we are writing a collegial greeting. Registrars Report Argirios Pissiotis On 13th July 1955 during the meeting of the American Dental Society of Europe ADSE held in Amsterdam Philip Dear an Australian dentist trained in the United States and practicing in Lausanne Switzerland began to plan the formation of an autonomous European Section with the invitation to Amsterdam of 16 Fellows at a specially arranged luncheon. By 2015 the European Section had grown numbering 536 Active Fellows 50 Life Members 9 Masters and 4 Honorary Fellows with 14 Districts representing 37 countries. Board of Regents The Board of Regents met two times in 2015 once in London in June and once during the Sections annual anniversary meeting held in Dublin on the 8th of October. The Board discussed and made decisions for all the regular administrative business. The major issue for the European Section remains again the pursuit of growth and development of the Section. It was decided that this should start in the Districts and local meetings should be organized in order to make the ICD and its activities known to the local dental community. The possibility of providing a forum for young scientists to present their work in the form of poster presentations with an award is currently being explored. The Section A Dream Comes True Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 4 0 Section Reports EUROPE is working with Secretary General Hinterman in a joint effort to approach Russia under the format of Section XX. 60th Anniversary Meeting Dublin As usual most of the activities of the Section year by year concern the annual anniversary meeting of the Section. This year the 60th Anniversary Meeting of the European Section was held in the beautiful settings of Dublin the capital city of Ireland and hosted the annual meeting of the International Council of the ICD. Dublin officially known in Irish as Baile tha Cliath is a vibrant and inspirational city on the banks of river Liffey home of Dublin Castle and world famous Trinity College. The European Section was privileged to host the College President Joseph Kenneally and had the pleasure to have in attendance the College Secretary General Jack Hinterman College President-Elect Phillip Dowel College Vice President Rajesh Chandna College Treasurer Richard Smith College Editor Dov Sydney who also participated as Regent for our Sections District 9 Past Presidents of the College Leon Aronson and Garry Lunn as well as most of the International Councilors. Scientific Sessions and Socializing The Welcome Evening on Thursday at the Great Hall of the Trinity College gave the opportunity for a first social gathering of the delegates of the European Section and the members of the International Council who shared some quality time among drinks and dinner. The Scientific Meeting on Friday was held at the famous Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and was entitled Learning Without Limits and was followed by the College Business and Humanitarian Activities a Session devoted to Dental Volunteerism around the world and presentations of various projects some of them funded by the European Section. At the same time at the historic Shelbourne Hotel the International Council had its first day General Session. The day concluded with some fine Irish Whisky tasting fine food and superb Irish coffee at the Jamesons Distillery. On Saturday delegates interested in dental volunteerism had the opportunity to attend a workshop presented by Frank Serio a world renowned lecturer in volunteerism followed by the Induction Ceremony in the Examinations Hall of Trinity College orchestrated by Master of Ceremonies Walter van Driel. The Induction Ceremony was attended by over 300 delegates of the European Section and the International Council spouses partners and family members. Thirty-eight inductees from the European Section and three from Section XX coming from Kenya. Afterwards Simon Gambold of Henry Schein was awarded ICD Honorary fellowship and Section I USA Fellow Dr. Ken Judy received the Master award. The ceremony closed with President Elect Corrado Paganelli installed as the next President of the European Section. The evening concluded with the spectacular Gala Dinner held at the fabulous Royal Hospital Kilmainham. The 60th Anniversary Meeting in Dublin had the signature of President Tom Feeney and his lovely wife Joan who surpassed the expectations organizing a memorable meeting. New Officers and Regents The European Section congratulates 2015-2016 President Dr. Corrado Paganelli President Elect Dr. Shelagh Farrell and Vice President Dr. Christian Robin. The Section also congratulates Dr. Mies Buisman for being elected to serve as Regent of District 2 Benelux taking over from Dr. Walter van Driel and Dr. Mauro Labanca for being elected to serve as Regent of District 10 Italy and wishes all new members of the Board of Regents every success in their duties. THE PROCESSIONAL Ofcers and Inductees in Trinity College Dublin as the Section V Initiation Ceremony ofcially begins. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 41 Editor R.C. Kakar Presidents Greeting S.M. Balaji It gives me an immense pleasure to be heading a Section of this century old highly regarded and reputed dental collegium that plays a vital role in determining the way dentistry is being portrayed. In this process we have been quite successful in developing a life-long bond with fraternity brethren improvising oral and systemic health and relieving of the concerns of smile and pain of the public. Together the society serves the public itself and advances the science of dentistry with every dawn Hopefully during my tenure as the President of this Section of ICD I can meaningfully contribute to the growth and development of the Section and fulfill its goal and mission. Wishing all a productive and blessed year ahead Community Health Programs Past President Dr. Kumarswamy announced an initiative Bring Back the Smile which provides free dentures to at least 1000 beneficiaries free of cost. Many Fellows and institutions have pledged for this program. We expect to cross the proposed figure of 1000 dentures by the end of the 2015. World Oral Health Day Celebration Section VI collaborated with I.T.S. CDSR Dental College Muradnagar Ghaziabad for an excellent humanitarian project called Free Denture Camp which was organized by Master Fellow and Regent Dr. Hari Parkash. One hundred free complete dentures were distributed to the poor and underprivileged people. Vice President Dr. Rajesh Chandna was the Chief Guest. Seema Dental College Hospital Rishikesh organized a dental check-up President S.M. Balaji 2016 Officers President S.M. Balaji President Elect Rajesh Chandna Secretary Genl Emeritus J.C. Chandna Past President A. Kumarswamy Registrar Secretary Rajiv K. Chugh Vice President O.P. Kharbanda Treasurer K.K. Chopra Deputy Secretary Yogesh Virmani Assistant Secretary Vineeta Chugh Business Manager R.K. Bali Chief Editor Mahesh Verma Scientific Editor Pradip Jayna Chairman CDE A. Kumarswamy and treatment camp for the inmates of District Jail Roshanabaad Haridwar. A successful dental camp was organized on No Tobacco Day by Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre Moradabad. A dental check- up provided a screening of the vast population and tobacco users were identified. These patients were given free counselling on the hazardous effects of tobacco by the means of diagrammatic representations and videos. A case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma was also detected. ICD Fellows Rajeev Lall Saurav Purbay Anshu Sahu Amit Ram along with Dr. Udeep Lalf of the Eastern zone of Section VI organized a mega dental health check-up camp along with the Lions Club Premium of Ranchi Jharkhand. Walk for Healthy Teeth Smile consisted of a drawing competition slogan and short story competition organized in Durgapur City. A free medical and dental check- up camp was organised by Fellows of Jharkhand and Bihar in association with Rotary Club of Dhanbad at Tundi Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 42 Section VI INDIA SRI LANKA NEPAL www.dentistindia.comicd Section Reports INDIA SRI LANKA NEPAL Village Jharkhand. Around 700 patients turn around at the mega camp. A dental camp and seminar was held by ICD in association with Rotary Club at UTTA Kramit Uccha Vidyalaya at Loharadih Jharkhand for providing awareness on oral health in children and the elderly. West Zone Regent Dr. Utpal Mukhopadhya has been organizing free oral health awareness camps which include cancer detections and free denture deliveries for the needy people of rural areas on a regular basis on the first and last Monday of every month. Oral health programs have completed in 20 schools among 18000 students and 156 people received dentures. Primary Oral Health Education for Special Children with Hearing and Speech Impairment A residential school- based oral hygiene education session was conducted at Sai Ranga School Mysore. Oral Hygiene Awareness among First Time Parents Program A unique program under ICD was conducted by the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry JSS Dental College to create oral hygiene awareness among first time parents of infants from ages 6 to 12 months. Parents are educated as to how to clean their infants gum pads and thus maintain their infants oral hygiene using soft clothes baby wipes and finger brushes. Scientific Activities To honour the immense contribution of Prof. Branemark to the dental profession Section VI ICOI and Periodontal Federation organised a symposium at Mumbai. Some of the leading implantologists of India presented their most difficult cases and how they handled them. The Department of Orthodontics A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences Mangalore along with the Section VI conducted a CDE program on Legacy in Maxillofacial Prosthesis by Master Fellow T. Samraj and Excellence in Clinical Dentistry Evidence Based by Dr. Prof. Porus Turner. The Department of Orthodontics A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences Mangalore under its Dean Principal Master Fellow U.S. Krishna Nayak organized a CDE program on Skeletal Class III correction by Prof. Dr Vadivelkumaar. ICD CDE Program on Dentistry Mantras to Success What After BDS by Drs. A. Kumaraswamy and Sushant Umre was held successfully under the aegis of Section VI at Seema Dental College Hospital Rishikesh. Dr. Santosh Ravindran conducted a CDE program on Eliminating Errors in Adhesive Dentistry. A CDE Program was conducted Cone Beam Computed Tomography concepts and applications by Dr. Steven R. Singer of Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences New Delhi. Section Fellows in the News Dr. Rajesh Chandna was elected as ICD International President Elect for the 2015-16 year. Dr. R. K. Bali Dr. Rajiv K. Chugh were nominated to the Dental ALWAYS LEARNING Continuous Professional Development Program by Prof. Dr. A.Kumaraswamy Immediate Past President ICD Section VI on Future Road Map of Dentistry for Youngsters at A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences. NO TOBACCO DAY Section VI Fellows united with Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre Moradabad to host a dental camp and screen the vast population for tobacco users. The patients were given free counseling and demonstrations on the hazardous effects of tobacco on oral health. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 43 Section Reports INDIA SRI LANKA NEPAL Council of India by the Ministry of Health Family Welfare by the Indian government in New Delhi. Dr. Mahesh Verma is the first Indian to be inducted as an Honorary Member of the ADA. Prof. O.P. Kharbanda took over as Chief Centre for Dental Education and Research AIIMS New Delhi. Dr. Himanshu Aeran took over as President Indian Prosthodontic Society and was awarded Outstanding Academician Famdent and Clinical Dentist of the Year at BITEIN Clearpath Award. Dr. U.S. Krishna Nayak took over as the Principal and Dean of A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences Mangalore and was awarded membership to the faculty of dental surgery of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow. Convocation and Awards The 51st Annual Convocation and Award Function was held on Dec. 20 2015 at the Nehru Centre Mumbai. ICD International President Dr. Phillip Dowell was the chief guest at the ICD Merit Award Function. Dr. Dowell also delivered the Dr. M L Soni Oration. Dr. Vineeta Chugh announced the names of the award winners and Dr. Dowell gave the awards to the meritorious students from institutions all over India. Past Presidents Report A. Kumarswamy As I flip the calendar back to Dec. 21 2014. I can recall the trepidations and doubts that were roving in my mind. I dared to call my worthy Fellows to rally around the project Bring Back the Smile. I also scheduled a series of CDE programs to reach out to clinicians with neo-technologies. I have immense satisfaction and pleasure in seeing the culmination of a planned program for 2015 in a grand manner and most of all it feels good to see the smiles back on the faces of the patients who sought the same through our worthy fraternity. I remain blessed to be part of a brigade where our Masters like Dr. R. K Bali and Dr. Mahesh Verma and our unfatigued Hon. Sec. Dr. Rajiv Chugh got nominated to the Dental Council of India. It is time I thank all the Regents Deputy Regents and the BOR for supporting me in all our plans and also to Dr. Vineeta Chugh who has always been a silent worker and will now be the first woman BOR in the history of Section VI. The annual convocation started at 7 PM. Dr. Arun Jamkar Vice Chancellor at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences was the chief guest and Dr. Dowell was the guest of honour. The blessing of the Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati was invoked by the singing of the Saraswati Vandana and a lamp was lit by the chief guest and the dignitaries on the dais. Section VI President Dr. A. Kumarswamy gave his welcome speech. Registrar Dr. Rajiv Chugh shared the history of ICD and the various activities being carried out by the Section. Dr. Y.K. Virmani read the citation for the 32 new Fellows. The new Fellows were inducted by Drs. Kumarswamy Dowell Chugh Keki Mistry P. Diwanji R.K. Bali and Anil Kohli. Dr. Jamkar gave away the ICD Appreciation Awards to the Fellows for their contribution to the activities of Section VI and released the latest issue of the Journal of ICD Section VI. The chief guest addressed the gathering and shared his words of wisdom with the new Fellows Masters and existing Fellows of Section VI. Dr. Dowell emphasized on the core values of ICD worldwide and also shared the projects being taken up by the College. Dr. S.M. Balaji took over as President 2016. He gave an insight to the projects in mind for the year. Dr. Chugh presented a plaque to the outgoing President Kumarswamy. The function ended after the National Anthem. Section VI with I.T. S. CDSR Dental College held a Free Denture Camp on World Oral Health Day 2 which helped distribute free denture sets to underprivileged persons in Ghaziabad. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 4 4 Editor Setsuya Suzuki Presidents Greetings Kikuo Kobayashi In the existing structure of the International Council there are two Japanese directors Drs. Senda and Hashimoto who attend the annual International Council meetings to carry out their duties. The number of members in the International Council has been determined by the number of members in each Section. Nevertheless an amendment was implemented where it was decided to decrease the number of allocations for the Council. I am deeply concerned our representation will reduce to one seat in the near future due to a decrease in Fellows in Section VII. Furthermore if membership continues to decrease and we fail to reach a certain number it may possibly doom us to lose our post at the Council. However it is not a wise decision to concentrate only on membership growth in the aim of retaining the present number of seats on the Council. This will cause a decrease in the quality of members of Section VII. We should face up to this significant matter and find a solution for further prosperity. President Kikuo Kobayashi 2016 Officers President Kikuo Kobayashi President Elect Makoto Koitabashi Vice Presidents Toshinobu Sakuma Motoko Suda Imm. Past President Yoshinori Satoh Treasurer Tatsurou Negishi Editor Setsuya Suzuki Registrar Tadashi Mizutani Deputy Registrar Kengo Maejima The Relationship Between Japan and Asian Countries The objective of the ICD establishment is to deepen the relationships with other Sections dentists and contribute to the advancement of dentistry by fostering growth and diffusion of dental knowledge throughout the worldwide community. The Japan Section has continued to share information and cooperate with Asian countries. We are tied together by bonds. Welcome Evening The welcome party was held at the Roppongi Hills Club in Roppongi Hills Tokyo on the night of May 22 2015. The President the Vice President and the officers of the Japan Section attended. We were honored to have the following special guests Dr. Joseph Kenneally International President and Dr. Lisa Howard of the USA Section Dr. Tae Soo Rhee Korean Section President Dr. Byung Kee Choi Korean Section Registrar Dr. Ying-Kwei Tseng Taiwan Section President Dr. Hsin-Cheng Liu Taiwan Section Secretary General Dr. Yuh-Yuan Shiau Taiwan Section International Councilor and Dr. Myat Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 45 Section VII JAPAN ASIAN NATIONS UNITE FOR ICD Section VII ofcers ICD President Joe Kenneally and wife Dr. Lisa Howard and various ICD leaders from Taiwan Korea and Myanmar gather together in Tokyo for a night of important speeches and friendly discussions. Section Reports JAPAN Zaw Koe Registrar from the Myanmar Section. Along with these 10 guests a total of 35 members attended the party. After the greeting speeches of the Section VII President Dr. Kobayashi and the Vice President Dr. Sakuma we received an opening speech from International President Kenneally. There were friendly discussions between Japan Sections officers and overseas guests about various ICD topics at a buffet party. The welcome party ended with the closing speech of the Vice President Dr. Sumida and concluded by wishing for the success of the next days event. Section VII President Kikuo Kobayashi addresses leaders at Welcome Evening. ICD President Kenneally and wife Dr. Lisa Howard greet Japan ofcers at the Welcome Evening. RECOGNIZING STUDENTS One of the exchange students receiving an award during the Section VII convocation. Annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony The annual meeting and induction ceremony were held at the Arkhills Club in Roppongi Tokyo after the Council meeting and annual meeting were held. The result of last years business operations was presented and approved. This year we had 12 new members. The initiates were told the principles of the ICD as they were given certificates badges and keys and were authorized as Fellows. Invited Overseas Students Every year Section VII invites exchange students to the induction ceremony. We hope these overseas students who live in Japan will understand the excellence of the ICD and we hope for them to enroll in the ICD of their country and contribute to the ICD globalization. This year we invited one student each from the Philippines India and China. At the exchange student orientations the students made presentations on the education system in their countries and the theme of the Major Meetings research they have been working on in Japan. Special Lecture The Role of a Dentist in Legal Medicine On the occasion of the annual meeting we invited Dr. Hisako Saito Associate Professor at the Department of Legal Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine at Chiba University. She gave a special lecture entitled The Role of the Dentists in Legal Medicine. In regards to a disaster such as the great East Japan earthquake Dr. Saito participated in the identification of disaster victims. She considers the role of dentistry in Disaster Victim Identification DVI to be extremely significant. However Japan falls far Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 4 6 ANNUAL MEETING AND INDUCTION Section VII ofcers College President Joe Kenneally and wife Fellow Lisa Howard various ICD leaders and new Fellows come together at the induction ceremony. SPECIAL LECTURE Dr. Hisako Saito speaks on the role of dentists in legal medicine and Disaster Victim Identication DVI. ENTERTAINMENT Sir Shichikou Sakuragawa performs classical Japanese Houkan after the Section VII ear-End Meeting. Tokyo. It was entitled Urgent Proposal Dreaming of the future of Dentistry Firstly Dr. Akira Chiba a professor at the School of Dentistry at Aichi Gakuin University coordinated this meeting and gave a speech entitled What is the target of coordinators In his speech he talked about the achievement and future needs of the 8020 movement which is a dentistry slogan the Japanese movement for everyone to keep 20 teeth up to the age of 80. Secondly Dr. Takashi Miyazaki General Manager at Showa University gave a speech entitled Fulfilling Team Medical Education and Implementation of the Latest Dentistry Research. His presentation was interesting and covered a wide range of topics including the framework of ministries living tissues and materials and education. Thirdly Dr. Toshikazu Yasui President of Meikai University gave his speech called Changes in Society and Dental Medicine Dental Care. He pointed out the actual status and the role of the dental college based on the changing population as well as its future. Finally Dr. Tetsuo Iizuka honorary Director at the Oral Research Clinic talked about Dreaming of the future of the dentistry. He gave a rousing speech on the ideas shared between dentists and doctors and its history in the U.S. Each lecture was followed by a panel discussion. Year-End Meeting Year-end meeting of ICD Japan Section was held at the Imperial Hotel. with 123 attendees. Families and guests were also invited. The Imperial Hotel was decorated with Christmas ornaments and all were dressed up to celebrate the behind countries overseas in the uses of the DVI system and needs to be improved. Dr. Saito spoke about cases of child abuse by highlighting incidences of neglect. Party Entertainment For entertainment Ms. Yumi Negoro and Mr. Yoshihiko Ishizaka were invited to give a violin and piano performance. In honor of the International President from the U.S. the duo played a song by Elvis Presley. Winter Scientific Meeting The 45th ICD Japan Section Winter Academic Meeting was held at Kudan Hall which belongs to the Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 47 From the Editor Setsuya Suzuki The journal of the 2015 ICD Japan Section will be published and include academic essays. We also published a report about Dr. Tsurukichi Okumura Dec. 10 1881 Feb. 4 1959 who was one of the founders of the Japan Section. It records his great achievements in ICD history and the record of his family members. Section Reports JAPAN joy of Christmas and the coming new year. Mr. Tetsuya Kobayashi president of the Imperial Hotel gave us a special lecture about the history of the Imperial Hotel. which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright After the lecture there was a cocktail party held followed by a performance. This time it was a classical Japanese dance and talk performance so-called HOUKAN Apple-polisher by Sir Shichikou Sakuragawa. 4 8 Journal of the International College of Dentists President David Crum 2016 Officers President David Crum Past President Jackie Robinson Vice President John Owen AM Registrar Tom Tseng Editor Petrina Bowden Editor Petrina Bowden Presidents Greeting David Crum We are told that the International College of Dentists is a leading honorary dental organization dedicated to the recognition of outstanding professional achievement and meritorious service and the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of all humankind. For me its nice to be invited to join a College with those ideals but what happens then What direct what tangible and what practical action can we as Fellows participate in and observe to support the substance of the above statement My impression is that ICD may be another add-on activity somewhat down the immediate individual list of professional actions and interests of its membership a membership that has been selected for professional contribution already achieved. Most are busy and highly successful colleagues. Section VIII has healthy financial reserves but I suspect our most significant resource is the huge leadership Section VIII AUSTRALASIA expertise and the commitment and understanding of our profession that exists within our collective membership. So my very real interest is how we utilize that collective resource to pass skills onto aspiring younger members of dentistry particularly to emerging leaders. In these times of increasing competition for our time the proliferation of electronic interaction the uncertainty of secure employment and the diversification of backgrounds of those entering dentistry a focus on collegiality is a good start. The Strategic Plan Over the last year the Board has drafted our five-year strategic plan through year 2020. We have focused on where we want to be stating how we plan to get there and what tangible things we can do to support the Colleges higher aspirations. Our Section aspires to recognize leadership within dentistry Engage with and support future leaders within dentistry Support projects that improve oral health in underserved areas of our region Foster collegial collaboration within dentistry demonstrate good governance and uphold ethically professional standards THE BOARD 2 Australasia Board members LR Intl Councilor Clive Ross Editor Jenny Smyth AM Registrar Tom Tseng President David Crum Regent Rick Sawers Past PresidentInt l Councilor Jackie Robinson Treasurer Keith Watkins Vice President John Owen AM THE GLOBE 2016 2015 Induction Ceremonies Induction ceremonies have been held in three countries over the past year. In December 2014 our fourth Fijian Fellow Dr. Leenu Maimanuku was inducted in Suva Fiji. In March 2015 31 Fellows were inducted in a ceremony in Brisbane Australia. In recognition of his services to the College Dr. Clive Ross CNZM was presented with the award of Master Fellow. Following the ceremonies the guest speaker Dr. Petrina Bowden spoke movingly of her work with street T H E G LO B E 2 0 1 6 children in Cambodia and 105 Fellows and guests then enjoyed a collegial and convivial dinner. An induction ceremony in Auckland New Zealand was held in August and 17 Fellows were inducted. This was followed by guest speaker Dr. Assil Russel who established New Zealands first and only registered medical and dental care charity for Iraqi orphans and disadvantaged children. She has just been awarded Outstanding Young Dentist of the year by the New Zealand Dental Association. A lunch attended by 70 Fellows and guests followed. Journal of the International College of Dentists 49 Registrars Report Tom Tseng Section VIII currently has a membership of 680 which shows a 4 increase over last years 630 total. Total membership 680 Active Fellows 591 Retired Fellows 76 Honorary Fellows 4 Honorary Life Fellows 9 Number of Fellows from Australia 597 Number of Fellows from New Zealand 70 Number of Fellows from other countries 13 We are sorry to report the passing of Fellows Richard King NZ and Roger Smales SA. celebrations in Sydney last November. Honors for Australasian Fellows Fellows continue to be recognized for their outstanding services to dentistry and to the community. Fellows who were awarded Australia Day and Queens Birthday Honours in 2015 included Paul Abbott Bruce Drysdale Peter McKerracher Ralph Neller Rhys Thomas and Clive Wright. CONVOCATIONS Top ew Fellows inducted into the Australasian Section of the International College of Dentists at the ADA Congress in Brisbane the evening of March 2 2 . Bottom ew Fellows inducted into the Australasian Section at the DA Congress in Auckland on August 2 2 . MAROUBA OUTREACH Providing treatment to rural populations in Timor Leste. With these types of issues in mind what direction is our Section VIII Board taking us I would like to thank Immediate Past President Jackie Robinson for her huge achievements within our Section both as registrar and more recently as president. She has led the construction of an accurate membership database detailed financial reporting and of course the highly engaging and successful 50th year Section Reports AUSTRALASIA THE GLOBE 2016 Election of International Vice President It is with great pleasure that we announce Clive Ross was elected as International Vice President for 201516 at the annual Council meeting in October 2015 in Ireland a first for New Zealand and we offer him our sincerest congratulations on this prestigious appointment. Clive has served as the International Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 0 Treasurer on the Council since 2010. He is the first Fellow from New Zealand elected to a position on the Council Executive and the first Section VIII Fellow to serve as International Treasurer. When Clive becomes ICD President in 2018 he will be the third Section VIII Fellow to serve as International President. In 1978 Gordon Rowell CBE became the first Section VIII Fellow elected to the position of ICD President and Sydenham Dobbin AM was the second in 2000. Section Reports AUSTRALASIA Oral Health Projects Section VIII is currently supporting a number of projects throughout the region. Fellows have been extremely generous with donations with almost 12000 received in the last year. Reports on the progress of the projects are printed in Section VIII newsletters which can be viewed on our website. Regular reporting to our Fellows has seen a rise in donations and the number of Fellows volunteering to join teams in the field. Funding for projects is considered by the Board annually with each applicant submitting a Grant Application Form prepared by the Section. The following ongoing projects received financial support in the last financial year Australasia Kimberley Dental Team provides oral health care to remote indigenous communities and other vulnerable communities in Western Australia John Owen Community Outreach Dental Program Free dental service to homeless people in Adelaide South Australia. University of Adelaide Australian Dental Research Foundation provides a grant to support a researcher in Australia to undertake an oral health project. Ian Meyers New Zealand Dental Association Research Board provides a grant to support a researcher in New Zealand to undertake an oral health project Pacific Smiles for the Pacific Dental Program in Fiji a volunteer clinic providing training and oral health care for the community in Lautoka Viti Levu. Jonathan Cole Betel Nut Campaign Papua New Guinea to raise awareness of the relationship between betel nut chewing and oral cancer John McIntyre Cambodia Cambodia Smile Project a study to determine the effectiveness of a community-based program to reduce dental caries experience in children Callum Durward MLop Patang Program providing oral health care to street children and their families Petrina Bowden Nepal Village School Program providing a school and community preventive oral health program based on poor and marginalised rural communities Sandra Meihubers Timor Leste Marouba Outreach Program assisting in the training and mentoring of dental therapists and providing treatment to the rural Timorese populations Callum Durward David Sheen Vietnam Long Tan Preschool Children Oral Health Education providing treatment to the children of Long Tan and other kindergartens and orphanages in the area Colin Twelftree The Board has also approved the purchase of a generator for Project Yeti in Nepal which provides care to the underprivileged in Kathmandu George Manos and to assist a team to perform complex oral maxillary surgery and teach oral surgery skills in Vietnam Michael Schenberg Clives involvement within ICD is but one of many areas within dentistry that he has served the profession. His contribution to dentistry is immense and has seen him awarded the national honour -Companion New Zealand Order of Merit. He is Past President of the FDI World Dental Federation Past Chairman and Honorary Life Member of the New Zealand Dental Association Board and a past Chairman of the Dental Council of New Zealand. ewly-elected Vice President Ross. Journal of the International College of Dentists 5 1 THE GLOBE 2016 Editor Elizabeth Carrasco Presidents Greeting Vivian Gabaldon Being a Fellow of the International College of Dentists ICD is a privilege. The recognition given by colleagues from an elite group is an honor. The responsibility of the president of a very prestigious organization is a challenge that can be conquered by Fellows common goals of service and leadership. All ICD Fellows are leaders and have been honored for their achievements. ICD is fortunate to have many distinguished Fellows who have shown countless accomplishments professionally locally and internationally. May each Fellow commit and give back to dentistry through the projects and President Vivian Gabaldon 2016 Officers President Vivian Gabaldon President Elect Bgen Reynaldo C. Torres Vice President Ma. Liza C. Centeno Secretary Aimee J. Yang-Co Treasurer Gladys Tong-so Past President Elaine P. Del Rosario Editor Elizabeth C. Carrasco Directors Armin G. Segarra Fidel S. Bondoc Auditor Leticia G. Salvador Public Relations Preciosa L. Tanagon endeavors of Section IX. The 2016 officers committees and I hope to fulfill the duties entrusted to us by the Fellows of the Philippines Section. Congratulations to our new Honorary Fellow. Welcome new Fellows and may you remain faithful to the motto and mission of the College and continue to uphold its goals and objectives. You are the next generation of leaders to hold the torch of leadership and the responsibility. To all the Fellows and partners of the Section IX I wish you well and may we remain steadfast in our fellowship for the betterment of dentistry and humanity. A Message from Our Past President Elaine Margaret P. Del Rosario 2015 President Opportunities to serve and improve peoples lives are abundant. Thank you to organizations like the ICD for being the driving force. ICDs strength is its membership. Because of its varied affiliations and abilities collaboration with other groups is easy and brings forth greater service. We have projects focused on prevailing needs of our environment society profession and the academe. Looking through The Globe one can see what is in the hearts of Fellows. The smiles in the faces of the benefactors are a testament that there is unfathomable joy in service. To quote volunteers are not necessarily those who have the time but the heart. This was the banner year of our ICD-Gawad Kalinga partnership in Batac Bataan. With the construction of the first 10 houses and tree planting Section IX PH I LI PPINES activity through our dental and community outreach we have made the Gawad Kalinga beneficiaries feel we will always be here for them. The value of dental education and our educators cannot be undermined. They will determine the future of dental services and dental professionals of our country. This year we collaborated with The Endodontic Society of the Philippines and organized the Endodontic Faculty Congress with the objective of standardizing the teaching of endodontics. We also awarded scholarships to three deserving dental students. Furthermore to initiate the ICD spirit among our future dentists we will conduct the Student Leadership Seminar in November. In October we had a community service activity in Taguig City. January 25 2015 marked an auspicious day for Section IX as 90 Fellows together with the Colleges partners and friends celebrated the 48th Annual Convocation and Banquet at the Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas Pasig City. The Philippines Section was honored by the presence of College President Dr. Joseph R. Kenneally. We also had the pleasure of inducting one eminent Honorary Fellow Mr. Ramoncito O. Sta. Maria and three new Fellows Drs. Eric G. Alforja Emabel S. Jugo and Apolonia S. Tanbonliong. After receiving the mantle of leadership from the previous Philippines President Joseph P. Macasiray 2015 President Elaine Margaret P. Del Rosario started with the theme United for Active Membership and Greater Service. She encouraged all Fellows to work together and remain steadfast in the Sections commitment to serve the profession and humanity through the ICD-Gawad Kalinga Scholarship Program faculty development and student leadership programs. The evening was made possible by Philippines Sections partner in service United Laboratories Inc. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 52 The Faculty Development Program is a testimony of the Sections commitment to excellence in the progress of dentistry. Annually the Philippines Section gathers faculty from dental universities and colleges nationwide to enhance their teaching and academic skills. This year Section IX President Elaine Del Rosario also past president of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines collaborated with Fellow Rolando Gonzalez and president of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines to organize an Endodontic Faculty Congress. The goal of the congress is to standardize the teaching of endodontics nationwide determine problems that beset the teaching and practice of endodontics in the Philippines and come Section Reports PH I LI PPINES United for Active Membership and Greater Service ICD Faculty Development Program AWARDEES College President Joseph Kenneally th from left and 2 Philippines President Elaine Del Rosario 3rd from left stand with the new and Honorary Fellows. up with attainable solutions. Thirty endodontic faculty from 21 dental schools nationwide participated in the fully-sponsored three-day seminar workshop. This project was made possible through the collaboration and generosity of the deans and endodontic faculty of the dental schools University of the East College of Dentistry for the venue United Laboratories Inc. Dentsply Philippines Dental System Inc. Mani of Japan Hu-Friedy Sybon Endo and last but not the least ICD Fellows and faculty members of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines. Endodontic faculty from 2 dental schools across the Philippines met for a 3-day seminar to help standardize the teaching of endodontics nationwide. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 3 Section Reports PH I LI PPINES BAYANIHAN CHALLENGE Fellows and locals celebrate the completion of the ICD-GK housing. Father James McTavish with L-R President Rosario Awards Chair Ma. Carmen Aurea Santos and Secretary Aimee ang-Co. SUPPLIES FOR THE HOMELESS 2 Philippines Section President Rosario distributing loaves of bread toothbrushes and toothpastes to the people of Bagac Bataan. ICD-Gawad Kalinga Home for the Homeless ICD and Gawad Kalinga GK means to give care a partnership between two organizations to build communities and present a viable solution to poverty through multi-sectoral collaboration. GK follows a holistic and integrated approach in providing sustainable development through community programs involving infrastructure health environment culture livelihood food sufficiency programs and education. In April 23 Philippines Fellows traveled 100 miles to join the ICD-GK Bayanihan Challenge at the housing project in Bagac Bataan. This is the day when housing recipients town officials community workers the army and other volunteers gathered to start building houses. The day began with a prayer followed by messages from President Del Rosario ICD-GK Committee Chairman Fellow Fay Dizon and Master Fellow Primo Gonzales. Close to the ICD-GK Village at the Gonzales Family Farm a community outreach activity chaired by Fellow Bgen Reynaldo Torres rendered oral health education and care. Special thanks goes to volunteers from the Pediatric Dental Center and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was truly a joyful and rewarding albeit challenging activity. Quarterly Business Meetings After the first business meeting guest speaker Father James McTavish gave an inspiring message of his life as a testimony to the power and relevance of Gods word to our profession. Father McTavish was a pediatric plastic surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh before becoming a priest. In July Section IX in cooperation with the Endodontic Society of the Philippines conducted a special two-day certification course for Radiation Safety Officers. This is a requirement to operate dental x-ray facilities. Section IX was fortunate to be the first dental organization to conduct the course with physicists from the Department of Health as lecturers. The Section annual meeting and initiation ceremony in Dubai ov. . Front LR Section Ofcers Emtiyaz Turkistani Cedric Haddad Georges Tawil Ali Al Ehaideb Aisha Sultan Riad Bacho adim AbouJaoude Back LR ew Fellows Juma ALKhabuli abil Alsabeeha Mohamad Koleilat Arjumand Kabli Samar Alhayek Dina Debaybo. Above Section President Ali Al Ehaideb addresses the convocation during the Sections annual initiation ceremony. Right Section Fellow Jihad Abdallah was the moderator of the District Meeting in Beirut Lebanon. Guest speaker Andrea Gondol left from the University of Bologna gave a presentation. Section Reports USA Journal of the International College of Dentists5 4 THE GLOBE 2016 President Ali Al Ehaideb 2016 Officers President Ali Al Ehaideb President Elect Georges Tawil Vice President Aisha Sultan Treasurer Ibrahim Nasseh Registrar Nadim AbouJaoude Deputy Treasurer Zouheir Salamoun Regent D1 Andre Sacy Regent D2 Emtiyaz Turkistani Editor Cedric Haddad Presidents Greeting Ali Al Ehaideb Iextend my warm welcome to the International College of Dentists A year ago you elected me as the 14th president of the prestigious ICD Section X Middle East. You gave me the mandate to lead and build on the solid foundation that has been laid by the respected past presidents. You made my job easier by electing other capable officers you believed will serve this association diligently and selflessly during the two-year term. I am delighted to say that so far they have lived up to your expectations. I wish to express sincere thanks to our executive officers for their commitment and dedicated services to our organization during the past year. For more than a year of leadership with more than 100 members it takes pride that our mission is being achieved as we are continuously expanding. Optimistically we will meet the target of having more than 120 active members by 2020. The leadership of each member country could greatly help by recruiting deserving members to be Fellows in order for us to meet the growth of the Section. With this growth we can implement what has been approved in the ambitious strategic plan the Council approved during their meeting in Dublin last October which focuses on the College finances public service and humanitarian projects. I would also like to commend the current officers for successfully conducting several annual meetings during our term including the recently concluded 25th Annual Meeting which gave us the opportunity to share and update the knowledge on dentistry. I must say that our finances are doing fine not to mention the up-to-date membership dues. With this we need your input and concerted efforts to turn things around for the better so that we can work towards reaching our goal one goal in mind to do whatever you can to vigorously advance the aspirations and objectives of this fellowship. We need to see a practical demonstration of your collective support and cooperation. This support is very much needed by Dr. George Tawil new Section X MI DDLE EAST Section Reports MI DDLE EAST Registrars Report Nadim AbouJaoude The Middle East Section is forcing its way despite the challenges it is facing in its Districts and countries. District 1 which is comprised of Lebanon Syria Jordan and Iraq is facing many difficulties due to the political situations that are reflecting all levels of daily life. Iraq with its unstable climate and Syria with its explosive situation shed their weight on Lebanon and Jordan. Refugees have overwhelmed Lebanon and Jordan to a point where there is at least one refugee for every three citizens. The amount of help needed exceeds the possibilities of the governments of the hosting countries. The consumption of food and the levels of gas electricity and petroleum which are all mainly subsidized by the government have increased. The sudden increase of the population in Lebanon and Jordan has generated more work for the infrastructure water sewers and trash which cannot be managed by the state. War injuries and medical help are flooding the hospitals and clinics and support is much needed for these unfortunate patients. The inflow of refugees took a toll on the dentists daily practices where many come seeking help. The dentists find themselves solicited by patients in need of medical and financial support let alone the competition dentists have from their displaced colleagues challenging the countrys laws for medical practice. With all these issues under consideration one would imagine the tremendous tasks laid on the Section in trying to organize activities and maintain pace at all levels. We will pursue our dream in serving the community where there are opportunities and hope for a better future. Participating audience members during the Section District Meeting at the Riveriera Hotel in Beirut Lebanon. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 5 incoming president for 2016-2018 and the new officers for Section X and I am confident they will skillfully guide our continued development we are in good hands Continuing Education In line with contributing to the continuing education in Lebanon District 1 has carried on with its study club program. Two such programs were held this year. The first study club on April 23rd had two Fellows as speakers Nada Chedid who discussed pediatric dental management of hemophiliac patients and Elia Sfeir who described the use of implant-retained overdentures for children with oligodontia or anodontia. The second study club featured two non- dental speakers Dr. Ghassan Kanazi who spoke on dental pain management and Mr. Samir Zehil who gave a talk entitled The Mental Candy Program. The District 1 CE program culminated with an event on October 31 which had a series of lectures given by Fellows and workshops. The theme was Digital Technologies in Modern Dental Practice. The Section X annual meeting took place in Dubai at the Jumeira Beach Hotel convention center on November 14 2015. As part of the CAPP meeting a half day CE meeting grouped Fellows from the Emirates Pakistan USA and Lebanon. This was followed by an induction ceremony for five new Fellows into Section X and one inductee from Libya into Section XX. A note of pride for Section X was the honoring of Section X Past President Nabil Barakat as the first professional in the Pioneers of Dentistry Series on February 28 organized by the Division of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics of the American University of Beirut Medical Center and the Lebanese Association for Dentofacial Research. Additionally several Fellows of Section X are volunteer faculty members of the Dentofacial Program. President Tae Soo Rhee 2016 Officers President Tae Soo Rhee President Elect Hwan Ho Yeo Vice Presidents Kyung Sun Kim Jong Gunn Choi Cheol Ho Paik Young Guk Park Woo Seok Min Moon Sung Jang Justin C. Lee Won Hee Yoo Kaa Yeong Kim Registrar Byung Kee Choi Treasurer Myung Jin Kim Editor Min Jeong Lee Editor Min Jeong Lee Presidents Greeting Tae Soo Rhee It is my pleasure to say hello to all ICD members around the globe from Seoul. I first thank all of our members for devoting their efforts in improving the oral health of our populations for educating our fellow dentists and for serving the community. We held the first ICD Korean summer workshop on August 23-24 2014 at the Academy House located in the valley of Bukhan Mountain. We have been reminded of our role in improving public oral health of the populace that we serve and actively participating in improving the quality of our patients lives. We promote active interaction and communications among our members to better serve our community. As one way to improve we have not only have been presenting dental topics but also topics such as humanities leadership and psychology in the direction of facilitating our understanding in complex social issues. We have also hosted a discussion session titled Meeting Tomorrows Dentists at the Korean Dental Association Hall in Seoul. Deans of three schools Seoul National University Kyunghee University and Yonsei University were invited to discuss the way ahead for universities and the dental industry with ICD members. Through this discussion session ICD Section XI KOREA www. A ew ear Greeting event with advisory members of the ICD Korea Section. inter eetin and nduction Ceremony Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 6 Registrars Note Byung Kee Choi Warm greetings from Seoul. Last June and July were difficult months in Korea with the sudden outbreak of the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome MERS epidemic. It taught us how vulnerable we are despite the innumerable advances we have made in the medical and public health technologies. Outbreak has shed light on our weaknesses in our healthcare system in particular to emergency room practices and infection control. We also learned that patient hospital usage behaviour was one of the culprits in spreading the disease. My dental practice experienced a 60 percent decrease in patient visits during the two months of crisis but now things are better. I wish you all well. Cheers. Section Reports KOREA members were able to recognize the academics relation to humanities in dentistry and the importance of communicating with the society as well as social responsibilities as dentists. Our Korean dental community saw many leaps and bounds in promoting better public oral health particular to a smoking cessation campaign. But there are many unsolved issues left for the next year. We struggle with how best to resolve dental specialty issues. The ICD Korea Section signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with the Korean Dental Health Association KDHA enabling Section XI to use KDHAs public oral health educational materials in countries where public oral health WELCOMING NEW FELLOWS The 2 induction ceremony held at J.W. Marriott where new members were inducted. International President Joseph R. Kenneally and his wife ICD Fellow Lisa Howard are seated in the middle. services are only available by many non-governmental organizations. ICD will help to translate and disseminate the educational materials. Republics of Karakalpakstan Mongolia and Cambodia are some of the countries in the works. I am so delighted to welcome 25 new ICD members. We have had two induction ceremonies since I last wrote. We were joined by 11 new members in our winter meeting in December. During our induction ceremony in May we were honoured to have 14 new members initiated. I congratulate new members and ask their active participation. I wish you all health and happiness. Cheers. Advisory members of Section XI Korea Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 7 President Ying-Kwei Tseng 2016 Officers President Ying-Kwei Tseng Past President Wan-Hong Lan Editor Hsin-Cheng Liu Treasurer Ing-Hsiang Lee Registrar Hsin-Cheng Liu Editor Hsin-Cheng Liu Presidents Greeting Ying-Kwei Tseng Greetings and best wishes for all Fellows TICD has been performing progressively for the past year. A humanitarian mission at the First Children Welfare Foundation in Taipei to give oral examinations to the disabled children and oral hygiene lessons to their parents was conducted in April of 2015. Top ew Fellows and ofcers enter into the ceremony hall during the Section II Convocation. Below ew Fellows of Taiwan stand with TICD ofcers and International President Kenneally and wife Dr. Lisa Howard. A new Board of Councilors was elected in November of 2014. Our convocation and induction ceremony was held in Taipei in June of 2015 along with a big party to celebrate International President Dr. Joseph Kenneallys 60th birthday. Thank you all We look forward to seeing you in 2016 in Taipei. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 8 Section XII CH INESE TAI PE I Registrars Report Hsin-Cheng Liu Under TICD President Dr. Tsengs leadership TICD had a progressive year United International Humanitarian Social Service On April 10 2015 TICD in collaboration with Taipei-Tokyo- Seoul Rotary International gave a community oral service to the disabled children in the First Children Welfare Foundation in Taipei Taiwan. The First Childrens Development Centre was established in Taipei City in 1980 in response to the increasing need of quality care and training services for developmentally disabled children in Taiwan island-wide. It has seven development centers and one group home to about 800 disabled persons of various types at different age levels. Led by TICD President Dr. Ying- Kwei Tseng TICD had more than 20 Fellows involved in the mission. Thanks to President Tsengs efforts an amount of US 12000 was also donated to the Foundation by Taipei-Tokyo- Seoul Rotary International. The director teachers parents and students of the First Children Welfare Foundation are grateful to the service and the donation. Induction and Convocation Ceremony The 2015 Induction Ceremony of the Taiwan Section was held on June 7 2015. TICD was honored and privileged to have Dr. Joseph Kenneally ICD President Dr. Kobayashi President of Japan Section and Dr. Mizutani Dr. Senda Dr. Utahashi Dr. Suda of the Japan Section with us. Ten new Fellows were inducted to TICD this year. The induction commenced with Fellow Ma leading the inductees into the ceremony hall. Dr. Tseng welcomed the new Fellows and guests in English. Dr. Joseph Kenneally also made a congratulatory speech to the TICD Fellows and the new Fellows. After the opening speeches inductee Dr. Chang pledged on behalf of all 2015 inductees that they will be committed to TICD goals. After the pledge each inductee was called to the stage Dr. Tseng moved the tassel Dr. Kenneally awarded the certificate Dr. Lan wore the key Dr. Lin wore the lapel pins and Dr. Shiau gave the ICD cap to the inductee. TICD bylaws require strictly that an inductee be present in the induction ceremony to be conferred the certificate and Fellowship. Following the Induction Ceremony President Kenneally gave the Fellowship Orientation Program FOP to highlight the importance and honor of being an ICD Fellow. The FOP culminated when President Kenneally showed his secret mission photos of visiting some TICD Fellows offices in Yilan. The banquet began after the Induction Ceremony with the delicious food fine wine and a live band guests and Fellows had a great time. As the banquet drew close to an end Dr. Tseng again reminded every TICD Fellow that they should all be committed to the ICD motto Recognizing service and opportunity to serve. DUAL CELEBRATIONS TICD President ing-Kwei Tseng wishing ICD President Joe Kenneally a happy birthday with a cake during the 2 Section II Induction Ceremony in Taipei. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 9 Section Reports CH INESE TAI PE I President Zhou Xuedong 2016 Officers President Zhou Xuedong President Elect Zhang Zhiyuan Registrar Chen Qianming Treasurer Gong Ping Editor Hu Tao Editor Hu Tao Presidents Greeting Zhou Xuedong Back at the previous International Council meeting in Sydney which was held in October of 2014 Section XIII China answered the call by the College to support the ICD Dental Safety Program. Ever since we have been working closely with Sichuan Stomatological Association SSA in order to make this endeavor a reality. We then had our meeting squeezed into the schedule of SSAs annual dental meeting and exhibition expo. This was particularly important that it guaranteed the maximum number of potential audience members as it is estimated that around 20000 dental practitioners in southwest China would be attending the exhibition expo and many of them were in need of continuing education. We were also very happy the College helped in finding a well-qualified speaker to give the lecture. The audience members were very impressed by the enthusiastic delivery of the inspiring lecture on dental infection control by Prof. Raghu Puttaiah. Fellows attend the international symposium and CD Dental Safety ro ram hosted by Section . Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 0 Section XIII CH INA Induction Ceremony In the afternoon of May 8th ICD Section XIII held its induction ceremony at the international conference center in Chengdu. This event was honored by the presence of Dr. Phillip Dowell President-Elect of the College and Fellow Prof. Raghu Puttaiah from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Section XIII President Prof. Zhou Xuedong addressed a welcome speech to the new Fellows for joining the warm family of ICD. Registrar Prof. Chen Qianming served as the ceremony emcee. Fellow Prof. Zhou Nuo also honored us by attending the event as a representative of Chinese Stomatological Association CSA. This year we had 42 new Fellows inducted. LR Section XIII President Prof. Zhou uedong Prof. hou uo ICD President Elect Phillip Dowell Prof. Raghu Puttaiah and Section XIII Registrar Prof. Chen Qianming. They bestowed each Fellow-elect with the ICD certicate key and lapel pin. rofessor Dowell introduced the history of CD to the new inductees in the afternoon of ay th at the be innin of the induction ceremony. Fellow a hu uttaiah presented on dental safety control. fter the lecture rofessor uttaiah answered questions raised by the audience. Academic Meeting International Symposium on Dental Safety Control Section XIII financed the international symposium on dental safety control in the morning of May 8th . Fellow Prof. Raghu Puttaiah gave a comprehensive three-hour speech focusing on the topic of dental safety control. He introduced the concept of infection control as well as its history of development in solid detail. Then he discussed the various aspects with regard to infection control measures in dental practice as well as his own experiences. The speech itself was so inspiring that when it entered the discussion session a number of questions had been raised by the audience and were followed by keen debates. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 61 Section Reports CH INA Editor Kyaw Sein Presidents Greeting Cho Sitt Our Section started the year 2015 with the induction ceremony in January for 12 new Fellows. On World Oral Health Day a group of our Fellows went to the social welfare boys school for oral health education and contributed toothpaste and tooth brushes. These children are orphans and road boys being looked after by the governmental social welfare department. Treatment and oral hygiene education were rendered again in July and also delivered tooth paste and tooth brushes. Fellow and Myanmar Dental Council President Professor Paing Soe Fellow Professor Myo Win Myanmar Section President Cho Sitt Myanmar Vice President Myo Thant and Fellow Htin Aung attended the Arsean Joint Cooperating Committee on Dentistry AJCCD in Malaysia. The same delegates also attended the Healthcare Services Sectoral Working Group HSSWG meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Our Section also contributed donations to the flood victims of our country. Sports and Continuing Dental Education programs took place in November and December.All the Fellows are committed to provide more humanitarian services for the progressive improvement of the functions of our organization. President Cho Sitt 2016 Officers President Cho Sitt Vice President Myo Thant Registrar Myat Zaw Koe Deputy Registrar Lin Htet Aung Treasurer Thet Naing Oo Editor Kyaw Sein NEW FELLOWS NEW LEADERS Myanmar ofcers with the 2 new Fellows during the Section IV annual induction ceremony in January of 2 at the Sky Star Hotel in angon. HUMANITARIAN CARE Section IV Fellows participated in a humanitarian project at the Kyiek Wine Orphanage School by providing oral health demonstrations and toothbrushing techniques. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 62 Section XIV MYANMAR Registrars Report Former Registrar Tun Tun Thwe PRESIDENTIAL WELCOME Section IV President Cho Sitt addresses the convocation during the Myanmar Sections annual meeting and induction ceremony. Myanmar Fellows return to the Kyiek Wine Orphanage to provide free dental treatments for a total of 3 children as well as their teachers. This year the induction ceremony of the International College of Dentists Section XIV Myanmar was held in Sky Star Hotel Yangon on January 24 2015. Section VII leaders Prof. Yoshinori Satoh Dr. Toshinobu Sakuma and Dr. Motoko Suda Section XII President Ying-Kwei Tseng and other international guests attended the ceremony. Section XIV sponsored the continuing dental education seminar in February and invited Mr. Tanimura Taizo from Japan to give a lecture about complete and perfect flexible dentures at the Myanmar Dental Council Building. Myanmar Section performed a humanitarian project at Kyiek Wine Orphanage School. We demonstrated tooth brushing techniques and oral health education to the public together with a posters presentation. Lead by Treasurer Dr. Myat Zaw Koe Deputy Registrar Dr. Thet Naing Oo and Office Manager Dr. Lin Htet Aung attended the Japan Sections induction ceremony in Japan in May of 2015. In July a group of ICD dentists from Myanmar Section went to Kyiek Wine Orphanage School again for dental treatment. We treated a total of 135 children as well as their teachers. Myanmar Fellow gives a toothbrushing demonstration to the children of the Kyiek Wine Orphanage School. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 3 Section Reports MYANMAR continuin dental education seminar in February was well attended and included a special lecture about dentures. Registrar John V. Hinterman 2016 Officers Registrar John V. Hinterman Regents John Yu Kong Ling Hong Kong Tin Cock Phua Singapore Hamid Adeli-Nadjafi Iran Ngo Thi Quynh Lan Vietnam Christopher Ogunsalu Jamaica Kim Chuan How Malaysia Toks Abiose Nigeria Pankaj Patel Kenya Prathip Phantumvanit Thailand Arshad Mahmood Malik Pakistan Md. Jahangir Kabir Bangladesh John V. Hinterman Registrar Registrars Report Teamwork and patience are the key ingredients resulting in the creation or revitalization of several ICD Regions during the past year. In most instances this remarkable period of College development actually started years ago by ICD Fellows who later handed the challenge over to others for eventual success. In the first quarter of 2016 four new Regions were scheduled to received their official ICD Charter install a leader as Regent and initiate new Fellows. This report is about these events and other related developments that impact the growth and development of ICD Section XX Regions. Region 29 Egypt Sudan Efforts to establish the College in Egypt were initiated in 2011 by the then International President Manfred Seidemann working in collaboration with Fellows from Section X Middle East Councilor Cedric Haddad and Registrar Nadim AbouJaoude. Their efforts were suspended while awaiting peace to return to that nation. In 2015 the International Council appointed Dr. Pankaj Patel of Kenya as the Councilor for Africa. Starting with the list of original candidates Councilor Patel has expanded the class and identified leaders. He has organized a grand inaugural Initiation Ceremony for 35 new Fellows from Alexandria and Cairo scheduled to take place in Alexandria in March of 2016. Region 27 South Africa The most recent efforts to establish the College in South Africa occurred in 2013 guided by the then International President Leon Aronson. Although there were a few ICD Fellows in South Africa establishing an operational ICD Region is another matter. These efforts were pickedup again by 2016 International President Phillip Dowell during meetings in 2015 with Professor Yusuf Osman Dean of the Dental Faculty at the University of the Western Cape. Professor Osman President Dowell and Councilor Patel have nominated a class of 15 new Fellows for initiation in Cape Town in February of 2016. President Dowell will return to South Africa to preside. The Dental Faculty will host the new Region and be the center of ongoing operations. Region 41 Bangladesh Previously joined with Pakistan and Afghanistan as ICD Region 24 Bangladesh had few Fellows and no activities. Therefore it was separated to be the new ICD Region 41 in 2015 by the International Council. With the retirement of long time Regent M.A. Soofi of Pakistan Fellow Md. Jahangir Kabir stepped forward to lead the new Region in Bangladesh. He nominated a class Regent Kabir Prof. Yusuf Osman left meets with ICD President Dowell in 2 to discuss the future of ICD South Africa. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 4 Section XX REGIONS of 12 new Fellows for the initiation and charter ceremony in January and has created a newsletter for the Region. The 2016 International President Elect Rajesh Chandna assisted with the organization and presided over the ceremony. ICD Bangladesh will be hosted by the Pioneer Dental School as its center of future operations. Region 24 Afghanistan Pakistan A long period of ill health which resulted in the eventual retirement of Former Regent M.A. Soofi in 2014 was a time of inactivity and decline in ICD Region 24. Fellow Arshad Malik of Pakistan stepped forward to lead as Regent. Regent Malik is off to an outstanding start as a leader and activist for ICD in Pakistan and throughout Section XX Asia. Despite dire economic and civil circumstances in Pakistan he has nominated an inaugural class of more than 30 Fellows for initiation in 2016. Due to the uncertainty and disorder that presently exists in Pakistan many of these will travel to Malaysia for their ICD initiation. Considering the great challenges faced by dentists living and practicing in this part of the world Regent Maliks accomplishments deserve high praise. Region 50-at-Large The ICD Region 50-at-Large was established for Fellows who do not belong to other Sections or Regions of the College. The traditional and preferred pathway to Fellowship by entry through a Section or a Region does not always work because of circumstances faced by some qualified candidates. Region 50-at-Large may be seen as a safety net for Fellows who do not fit into the College structure elsewhere. An example would be the several immigrants from Colombia now living in other nations who were initiated as ICD Fellows in a ceremony in New York in December of 2015. Immigrants are not well known in their new country so as to be invited to Fellowship. Russia the Most Formidable Challenge of Our Time The International Council and Section V Europe are collaborating as an ICD Task Force in efforts to establish the College in Russia. Contacting both individual dentists in Russia as well as representatives of Russian dental associations the process is slow and methodical. Barriers to success include language cultural considerations and bleak economic conditions. Fellow Ljubo Marion of Slovenia and Kate Fabrikant of Geneva are well located Fellows on the team and have made important contacts. With time and patience success will come. NOTE Fellows around the world with contacts in Russia or suggestions for the Russia Task Force are asked to assist in this effort by contacting ICD Asia Pacific Annual Congress and Trade Show ICD Section XX Asia Councilor Kim Chuan How believes the expansion and revitalization of the College in Asia will be facilitated by Fellows and leaders of ICD Regions in Asia collaborating on a major project the ICD Asia Pacific Annual Congress and Trade Show now in its second year. This is becoming a major event and has been officially recognized by the Malaysian Government. It featured three days of SAFETY NET FOR FELLOWS Region -at-Large may be seen as a safety net for Fellows who do not t into the College structure elsewhere. A recent example is the induction of several immigrants from Colombia. ICD Secretary General Hinterman far left with the newly-elected Colombian natives currently living in other nations during a special ceremony last December in ew ork City USA. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 5 Section Reports REGIONS continuing education programming by 20 speakers ICD leadership meetings commercial displays and an ICD Initiation Ceremony for new Fellows followed by a gala dinner. It took place from March 11-13 2016 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Regents from the Asian ICD Regions sent candidates to this central ceremony rather than staging their own events. ICD Fellows everywhere were urged to attend this ICD Asia Congress and will be in the future. In a separate action Councilor How and the Regents of ICD Section XX Asia Pacific have petitioned the International Council to reorganize and be granted ICD Section status. They are presently doing the due diligence required such as Bylaws and business plan developments. It is not known whether they will be successful but one thing is known for sure the College has never before seen the likes of their enthusiasm and determination as a start-up group of Fellows and volunteers. Their efforts have been effective. Dentists have sought Fellowship and lapsed Fellows have sought reinstatement in order to be part of this exciting new activity for the ICD in the Asia Pacific Regions. It Takes a Team All Fellows are asked to assist with the international growth and development of the College by providing information regarding contacts they may have with dentists who qualify for ICD fellowship elsewhere in the world. We can all be encouraged and be inspired by the stories and efforts of the ICD Fellows included in this report. You are needed by them to join the ICD team. ICD international development is coordinated through the College Office by Secretary General Jack Hinterman and College Office Manager Chelsea White. Together we can do this. Contact us at office or call us at 1810820-3087. ICD Region 24 Thrives Despite Chaotic Environment Regent Arshad Malik exceeds all expectations of what is possible in an extremely challenging environment. As the ICD Regent in Pakistan since 2014 he has energetically organized ICD establishing a permanent office convening meetings organizing humanitarian projects and nominating over 30 candidates for fellowship. He is also Editor for Section XX Asia Pacific. Regent Malik is a professor of oral surgery at Punjab Medical College in Faisalabad. Regent Maliks progress does not seem possible when his 2015 annual report to the College Office described hardships faced by dentists in Region 24 The dental surgeons economic condition in the Region 24 has deteriorated due to constant terrorism by Taliban Al-Qaida and recently by ISIS in streets shopping malls and mosques and no clinic is safe especially in Afghanistan. The maximum talented dental surgeons have migrated themselves to safe places leaving their clinics and joining dental colleges at low salary or they left the country. My Fellows are very energetic and are potential assets for me and the ICD. There is another challenge for the dental profession in Region 24 there are 40000 Quacks which are untrained unregulated individuals performing dental procedures in the streets or storefronts. ICD ASIA PACIFIC CONFERENCE Section Regents leaders and Fellows come together to celebrate the rst ICD Asia Pacic Congress and Trade Show in March of 2 in Kuala Lumpur. Left Regent Patel Secretary General Hinterman and Regent Malik Middle ewly-inducted Fellows of Asia Pacic Right Regent John Ling 3rd from left stands with new Fellows of Hong Kong. TEAMWORK Secretary General Hinterman and College Ofce Manager White. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 6 Section Reports REGIONS ICD Region 30 Iran has recorded another year of progress by applying administrative excellence and collaboration with national and international dental associations such as the FDI World Dental Federation FDI the Iranian Dental Association IPA and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI. Regent Hamid Adeli-Nadjafi has effectively guided several years of steady growth in size and influence as Region 30 Fellows take their place among the leaders of the dental profession in Iran. The Sixth Annual General Assembly of Region 30 Iran was held in May of 2015. Dr. Tin Chun Wong the FDI President and also an ICD Fellow ICD Irans Winning Formula Organization and Collaboration was invited to the 55th IDA Annual International Scientific Congress as the keynote speaker. These events were followed by a joint gathering of ICD leaders with ICOI. In similar fashion the year of 2016 is expecting to be an exceptional and prideful year for IDA and ICD in Iran because there are three great and important international incidents in the profession of dentistry and will be held simultaneously in Tehran. ICD Iran Fellows are presently focusing on the development and expansion of the Humanitarian Committee. The second book for ICD Iran was published and distributed among Iranian dentists related health and governmental organizations and dental schools. The publication traces the revitalization of Region 30 Iran which has now become one of the largest and best managed of ICD Regions. FDI President T C Wong an ICD Fellow from Hong Kong is honored by leaders of the Iran Dental Association and ICD Region 3 Iran in Tehran May 2 . Despite the extremely challenging political situation and disruptions in everyday life the program themed Visit a Dentist not a uack was the message these dental students faculty and Regent Arshad Malik delivered to school children during Oral Health Day program which was supported by ICD in Pakistan in March of 2 . Exceeding All Expectations in Pakistan Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 67 Section Reports REGIONS