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Ottofy – Okumura

logo_trans_smThe highest Award given in the International College of Dentists is the Ottofy – Okumura Award. It is not intended to be presented every year, and it recognizes extraordinary lifetime service to the ICD. To be considered for this award, a candidate must have maintained Fellowship in good standing for at least 20 years and must have demonstrated a history of outstanding service to the College at every level. This is a rare and distinctive honor presented to a Fellow who has significantly elevated the College through his or her actions and activities.

Recipients of the Ottofy-Okumura Award:

1988 Franklin D. Kenward USA, Sec. I *
1990 Seiji Kawabe Japan, Sec. VII *
1992 A. Gordon Rowell Australia, Sec. VIII *
1994 Canadian Section Section II
1997 European Section Section V
1998 Richard G. Shaffer USA, Sec. I
2000 Sadakatsu Sato Japan, Sec. VII *
2003 Heun Taek Jhee Korea, Sec. XI
2004 U.S.A. Section Section I
2007 J.C. Chandna India, Sec. VI
2009 Robert E. Brady USA, Sec. I
2013 Manfred A. Seidemann Chile, Sec. IV
2013 Donald E. Johnson USA, Sec. I *
2018 Herbert K. Yee USA, Sec. I *
* = Deceased

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Emeritus Fellows 

Emeritus Recognition is given to living Fellows who have retired as Council members. They are recognized for outstanding service as International Council Members who have contributed to the progress and achievement of the College in a special way. The award recognizes a performance and contribution above normal expectations.

Current Holders of ICD’s Emeritus Recognition:

Secretary General Emeritus Robert E. Brady

Distinguished Service Award

This award is a significant honor conferred by the College to exceptional Fellows who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to leadership and service over greater than a 15 year period. It is intended as a lifetime achievement award to those who continually served key roles for a long period of time. The Distinguished Service Award is a category of recognition available to all Fellows who meet the criteria.

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award:

2018 John McIntyre AM Australia, Sec. VIII 
2020 Clive Ross New Zealand, Sec. VIII
2021 Peter Lazar AM Australia, Sec. VIII